'Cars 2' Trailer Speeds Online

'Cars 2'

Not long after we received the first image from Cars 2 comes this brand new trailer that finds our old friends Lightning McQueen and Mater racing around the world while also trying to save the world from what looks like a group of shiny evil spies who come equipped with some pretty dangerous weapons.

The trailer also reveals a surprise piece of casting in the form of Michael Caine as a British spy, which should help tickle the funny bone of those who are fans of his. Also starring (in voice form) are Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Cheech Marin, Bonie Hunt, Tony Shaloub and John Ratzenberger. As always, the visuals look great, and the globe-trotting storyline should deliver some fun stuff.
Those itching for more Cars now should simply check out those Cars-related shorts called Cars Toons, which have been airing on the Disney channel, and are currently available on DVD/Blu-ray.
What do you think about Cars 2? Excited for this sequel, or is it going to be seriously hard to follow up Toy Story 3? Check out the trailer below.


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