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'Carrie' Showcases Telekinetic Powers in New Trailer

Up until this past January, the remake of the horror classic Carrie was poised to make the spring movie season really bloody. Instead, the film vacated its March 15 release date and relocated to October which means one thing – trailers!

The first full length trailer premiered this afternoon on Yahoo Movies and builds on the teaser trailer we got last October. That teaser featured an extended bird's-eye-view shot over a series of fires in a neighborhood culminating on a bloodied Chloe Grace Moretz snapping her head up and looking directly into the camera.

The new trailer builds on the teaser, offering up a first look at Julianne Moore as Carrie's mentally unstable and deeply religious mother Margaret White. We also get a look at the discovery of Carrie's telekinetic powers and the chaos that breaks loose on prom night.

Carrie is directed by Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Pierce, who approached the movie as a modern-day version of Stephen King's classic horror novel. Carrie arrives in theaters October 18.

Does this remake look interesting or will you stick with Brian De Palma's original?


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