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Buckle Up and Get Ready for Three More 'Transporter' Movies

If you thought you saw the last of Frank Martin in theaters, think again.

THR reports that Luc Besson's production company EuropaCorp announced at the Cannes Film Festival that as part of a three year co-production agreement with Chinese film company Fundamental Films we'll be getting three new Transporter movies.

There's no word as to whether Jason Statham will reprise his role of Martin, though the cable TV spin-off starred a different actor in British actor Chris Vance.  

The productions will be budgeted around $30 million to $40 million with at least one of the films likely to shoot in China. I can picture the Great Wall of China chase sequence already.

The partnership between the two companies stipulates a minimum of 15 Europa films will be released theatrically in China by Fundamental and that the two companies will co-produce at least three of those 15 titles.

Europa has already announced a third movie in the Taken franchise which is currently in the writing stage. Might this partnership yield other sequels to some of Besson's previous works like The Fifth Element, Leon: The Professional and La Femme Nikita? Only time will tell.

Would you like to see sequels/prequels to any of the titles mentioned above? Of the three, La Femme seems prime for a sequel considering the property has a long-running television series, Nikita, airing on the CW network.

Are you up for more Transporter movies? Would you watch them even if Statham decided not to return?



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