'Breaking Dawn' Update: Two Films Planned, 3D is an Option

It's taken awhile, but it looks like an official decision has finally been made with regards to whether The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn would be split into two films. Deadline Hollywood reports that the final installment in the Twilight franchise will indeed come in the form of a two-parter, a la Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, with both films shooting back-to-back beginning in mid-October.

Breaking Dawn

The delayed decision was due in part to Summit Entertainment having to re-negotiate the contracts for folks like Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner since neither was signed on for more than four films. DH says producers are searching for a "high-end" director to handle the massive Twilight finale, and to add even more pressure to the guy or girl who accepts that challenge, word has it Summit is now also contemplating whether or not to film the finale in 3D.
Would 3D work for a film like Breaking Dawn? Not really, but studios are awestruck by how much money Avatar made, and they're licking their lips in anticipation of shooting everything they possibly can in 3D. Problem is that if Summit shoots Breaking Dawn in 3D, they probably won't be able to get it into theaters until late 2012. Sure, they can then spread both films so they're released one year apart, but asking Twi-hards to wait that long for the final installment may hurt Summit in the long run.
In order to avoid all that, though, Summit could have Breaking Dawn converted to 3D after it's already complete, like what Warner Bros. is doing with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This should allow Summit to maybe get Breaking Dawn (at least the first part) into theaters by late 2011.
What do you think? Are you down with them splitting up Breaking Dawn into two parts? And would you want to watch it in 3D, or is Summit taking things a little too far?
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