'Breaking Dawn' Nabs a Release Date

Summit Entertainment has decided on a release date for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: November 18th, 2011. Interestingly enough, there's no mention of a two-part movie, so either Summit is hanging onto the two-parter announcement for strategic purposes (maybe to announce prior to Eclipse hitting theaters or something), or, well, we're only going to get one film and not two.


I'm perplexed by this, though, and here's why: Summit knows about the two-parter rumors, and so if they've already made a decision to keep it as one film, how come they haven't said that? Their silence on that front leads me to believe that wheels are still turning behind the scenes. Or … maybe they'll just carry along as if no one ever spoke about a two-part finale, and ignore the topic completely. Not the greatest thing to do for fans, but it's their property and they have the right to do as they please.
One fact we do know is that with that 2011 release date, there's no way they'll be shooting the film in 3D. Granted, there's still the possibility they'll convert it to 3D in post-production, but something tells me Summit will keep away from the 3D for now – though I wouldn't put it past them if, say, two years from now they decided to re-release all four films in 3D.
What do you think is going on with Breaking Dawn? Do you even want it in two parts, or would you be happy with only one?
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