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Brad Pitt to Star in 'World War Z'

Brad Pitt

Comic Con has barely started, but big news is already leaking out. According to MTV, Brad Pitt has decided to star in the adaptation of World War Z after optioning the novel three years ago for his production company to produce. Oh, and did I mention this is a zombie flick? Yup, Brad Pitt in a zombie movie. What’s up with that?

 Well I’ll tell you what’s up: World War Z takes the whole zombie apocalypse thing and stretches it out into a more epic story that tracks the epidemic (in realistic fashion, as if something like this could actually happen) through interviews with survivors. Apparently a new journalist character was created specifically for the film, and the consensus is that Brad Pitt will play him.
The big question here is: Have zombie films already run out of steam? Is there still an appetite out there for these sorts of movies, especially one as grand in scope as this? I think yes, especially considering the types of numbers Will Smith pulled in with I Am Legend. But can you see Brad Pitt in a giant action-packed zombie flick?
What do you think? Any fans of the novel? Will it make a good movie? Sound off below. …


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