Box Office: Will 'Salt' Beat 'Inception'?

Perhaps the most exciting weekend at the box office this summer, Angelina Jolie finds out just how much pull she's still got by opening up a kickass action flick against Christopher Nolan's much buzzed-about Inception (in its second week).

The word on the street regarding Inception was strong, and I'm sure friends have told friends who have told friends that they need to go see what Nolan has done with his dreamy flick. Plus, I'm sure a lot of people were a little confused the first time around – coupled with all the fantastic online discussions that took place this week – and it may all add up to another win for the Leonardo DiCaprio movie.
But in the other corner you have a film the critics have been mixed on (Salt currently stands at 56% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes), but one that also switches things up a bit by putting a female in the lead role of a film full of the kind of action and larger-than-life set pieces we've come to expect from a summer blockbuster.
With that said, the female audience could come out strong for Salt, and the dudes will want to see it too because, ya know, stuff blows up, and, well, it looks cool. But which film will ultimately win the weekend? This is a fun one folks, so sound off below and let us know which movie you think has the better chance of scoring a box office win.

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