Box Office: Who Will Win The Weekend?

Is this finally the weekend where Inception will tumble? After winning three weekends in a row, Inception finally has some serious competition to contend with, including a big, buzzed-about Will Ferrell flick, a 3D dance movie and … what’s this about porn? Let’s take a look …

"The Other Guys," "Step Up 3D," and "Middle Men"

What’s The Scoop: Will Ferrell reunites with director Adam McKay on this hilarious comedy about two cops (Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) who screw up cases and can’t do anything right.
Why It Might Win The Weekend: Whenever Ferrell and McKay team up, it equals comedy gold (see: Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers), and The Other Guys is no different. This is a film that people will laugh at and tell their friends about, so look for it to have a strong opening weekend.
What’s The Scoop: The scoop is that the Step Up franchise has branched out into 3D territory just in time to make you get up out of your seat and jam. You won’t find an Oscar-winning script with this film, but the dance sequences look fun and colorful enough to grab the attention spans of teens and tweens across the country.
Why It Might Win The Weekend: The 3D definitely helps this film in its final box office returns, as it’s obviously positioning itself as a movie you must see in three dimensions. The Other Guys will certainly steal a lot of Step Up’s audience, though I could see the urban kids flocking to this flick. Could be a tight race …
What’s The Scoop: Luke Wilson stars as Jack Harris in the true life story of, well, the birth of internet porn. Need I say more …
Why It Might Win the Weekend: Honestly, this isn’t winning the weekend, but it’s a pretty decent film that will find its audience eventually (probably on DVD) since the marketing for it has been a little too light for it do any sort of damage in theaters.
My Prediction: This is the weekend Inception gets knocked out. I predict The Other Guys to squeeze past Step Up 3D and win the weekend with ease.
Now it’s your turn – which film do you think will win the weekend?

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