Box Office Poll: Who Will Win the Weekend

Okay, fine – I had an off day in my predictions last week. Truth be told, I really thought Death at a Funeral would have a better showing than it did. I didn't think Kick-Ass had enough in it to win the weekend, but I was wrong. Commence your tomato throwing…now.

But, it's a new week and there are new films, and I should be allowed to start over from scratch, right? This week finds new additions in the form of a romantic comedy, an ensemble action flick and a nice, sweet film about animals. Let's take a look…
What's the Scoop: Based on the comic book (yes, believe it or not but this is technically a comic book movie), The Losers follows a group of mercenaries who set out to exact revenge after they are double-crossed by the CIA and left for dead.
Why It Might Win the Weekend: This one has a hot cast, and you know those images of Zoe Saldana wielding multiple guns while wearing next to no clothing will bring in a good amount of box office dollars. The somewhat unfamiliar cast (you know them, you've seen them in other films, but you may not remember all their names) may hurt the film's chances a little, but audiences love a solid action film and this one should deliver the goods.
What's the Scoop: Jennifer Lopez returns to the big screen in this rom-com about a girl who, disillusioned with the dating process, decides to become artificially inseminated. Problems arise, however, when she meets the man of her dreams right after becoming pregnant.
Why It Might Win the Weekend: J-Lo had a pretty strong following…10 years ago. But chances are good those people will still show up to support her, and rom-coms tend to do pretty well around this time of year.
What's the Scoop: It's a Disney documentary that explores the world's oceans, while getting up close and personal with a bunch of the creatures living below the surface.
Why It Might Win the Weekend: It's a good-natured film that is certain to entertain the kids for a little while. That said, I'm not sure enough people are aware of its existence.

My Prediction: I'd love to throw J-Lo a bone, but I'm sensing The Losers will come through with a victory (instead of a loss, heh) when the weekend is all wrapped up. I wouldn't count Kick-Ass out, though, so expect that film to also be in the running along with How to Drain Your Dragon.

Now it's your turn – sound off in our poll below and let us know which film you think will win the weekend.

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