Box Office: 'Iron Man 2' vs 'Robin Hood' -- Who Will Win?

Now that we've officially hit the summer movie season, things will begin to get a lot more interesting around these parts. Obviously Iron Man 2 came away victorious last weekend (with a healthy $133 million), but can it do repeat business with two more hefty competitors entering the marketplace? In one corner we have…

'Robin Hood' vs 'Letters to Juliet'

What's the Scoop: Ridley Scott reteams with Russell Crowe (Gladiator) on this dark, brutal, historically-accurate take on the iconic (and heroic) archer who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.
Why It Might Win the Weekend: When these two teamed up on Gladiator, they took home all sorts of Academy Awards. Could they find that magic again, or will we chalk this one up as another moderately entertaining Robin Hood movie that's best left for DVD?
What's the Scoop: Hot up-and-comer Amada Seyfried continues to churn out the sexy, romantic films in 2010 with this flick about an American girl on vacation in Italy who decides to answer one of the many letters left on the legendary Verona balcony (where Romeo
apparently wooed Juliet) in an attempt to help one woman (Vanessa Redgrave) find her long-lost love.
Why It Might Win the Weekend: With all this male testosterone in theaters right now, folks may be looking to settle down with something light and romantic. Ya know, something that doesn't involve massive, bloody battles and guys shooting each other in robot suits.
My Prediction: While Ridley Scott's Robin Hood will tempt many, I don't see it beating Iron Man 2. Look for the superhero sequel to reign in all those who skipped it last weekend due to massive crowds and sold out shows.
Now it's your turn – which film do you think will win the weekend?


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