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Bill Hader and Will Forte Rumored for 'Ghostbusters 3'

Phew, we finally have a day off from the Superman rumors, only to run right smack into some new Ghostbusters 3 casting rumors. We don't really know where they're at with this film as of now. Last I heard they were potentially thinking about beginning production in May, but until they have a finished script and a cast lined up, this sucker ain't going anywhere.

Bill Hader and Will ForteGood news, though, as it looks like the studio is gearing up to begin casting (which may mean that May production start is still happening), and that a casting announcement has been sent out looking for male and female actors between the age of 18-30 for an unspecified role.
Also, via What's Playing, they claim (via studio sources) that Bill Hader and Will Forte have been mentioned in terms of casting, though at this time we don't believe they've signed on. Could the SNL castmembers become the first two new Ghostbuster recruits? And what about Andy Samberg? He'd fit in there pretty well too.
Do you like Hader and Forte, and do you think that's a good direction to be heading in when it comes to casting the new Ghostbusters?
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