Best New Clips and Trailers: 'The Guest' and More

The Guest

If you're like us, there's nothing that brightens your summer day like the prospect of watching dark and menacing characters commit terrible acts of violence in horrifying scenarios -- as long as it's in a movie! (Like The Guest, above.) Thus, we've gathered the week's best clips and trailers for your viewing pleasure, all right here in one place.


The Guest

When he shows up at the front door of a fallen colleague's family home, Dan Stevens appears to be a kind, compassionate soul. He quickly befriends his colleague's mother and two teenage siblings, but the true nature of his personality is revealed in a terrifying, violent manner. The movie opens in theaters on Wednesday, September 17. [Yahoo]


As Above, So Below

Miles of ancient catacombs lie beneath the modern streets of Paris, France, and no one has yet discovered all the secrets contained therein. Now a team of explorers plunges into the darkness, only to find (possibly) their deadly destiny. Two new clips have been released: one explains the movie's title, while the other depicts a dustry, freaky old piano. John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle (Quarantine, Devil) wrote and directed; it opens in theaters on August 29. [JoBlo]

At the Devil's Door

Naya Rivera and Catalina Sandino Moreno star in this chilling, slow-burn thriller about two sisters, a runaway girl and a house with a diabolical past. A new clip covers two uncomfortable encounters, one at an art gallery and one in a loft-style apartment. Directed by Nicolas McCarthy (The Pact), the movie is available today via Video On Demand providers and will open in theaters on September 12. [Bloody Disgusting]


The Pact 2

Speaking of director Nicholas McCarthy, a sequel to his 2012 thriller is on its way. Caity Lopez returns and, as the new trailer, suggests, the killer she faced in the first film may be back as well. Dallas Hallam and Patrick Horvath (Entrance) directed; it's scheduled for theatrical release on October 10. [Fangoria]


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