Best New Clips and Trailers: 'Annabelle,' 'The Woman in Black' Sequel Look Terrifying


It's time to catch up with the chilling new clips and terrifying trailers for horror movies that have been unleashed this week. Let us begin with a doll.


Introduced in James Wan's electrifying period thriller The Conjuring, the rather bloody beginnings of the doll known as Annabelle are explored in a disturbing new trailer that takes full advantage of its setting. This raises our hopes for the movie itself, due in theaters October 3.


The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

The 2012 original featured Daniel Radcliffe and plenty of atmospheric dread. The sequel relies upon the star power of a creepy house and an empty rocking chair. Can Britain's famed Hammer production company do it again? We'll have to wait until February 2015 to find out.


Jamie Marks Is Dead

When Jamie, a high school classmate, is found dead, Adam (Cameron Monaghan) is understandably disturbed, but things take a haunting turn when Jamie comes back. Judy Greer and Liv Tyler also star; Carter Smith (The Ruins) wrote and directed. The movie opens in select theaters on August 29.


As Above, So Below

We're always fascinated, perhaps to an unhealthy degree, with how horror movies are sold to television audiences, given that the small screen has greater restrictions on what is allowed to be broadcast. But we think this new extended TV spot does a great job of introducing two sympathetic characters before plunging them into terror. The movie opens in theaters nationwide on August 29.


Where the Devil Hides

The small town of New Jerusalem is the setting for a tale of diabolical evil. Five teenage Amish girls, all born on the same day, are accused of being "Satan's children" and so must fight for their lives before they are 'cleansed.' Jennifer Carpenter, Rufus Sewell and Colm Meaney star; the Devil will hide in theaters on October 10.


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