Best Bar Scenes

A good bar scene can serve many functions. Aided by dark lighting and copious amounts of alcohol, they offer movie characters an interesting place to meet, talk, fight, die, and/or break everything in sight. Pull a pint and check out some of cinema's most classic dives.


The Mos Eisley Cantina

You can count on getting two things in this "wretched hive of scum and villainy": Strangely-colored booze and sci-fi violence galore. 



The Departed

This is why you never order cranberry juice at a bar. It's also why you never make fun of the guy ordering cranberry juice at a bar. 



A Bronx Tale

"Now yous can't leave." It's bikers vs. mobsters and - as with life - the guys with snazzy suits totally win the day.



X-Men: First Class

This is why we love Wolverine. Of course his First Class cameo takes place in a dank bar where he can drop F-bombs without worrying about kids overhearing.




Even the manliest man has to respect and admire Tom Cruise's crazy bottle-flipping action in this '80s classic. It doesn't even matter if the drinks take five minutes to make and end up tasting awful.



Shaun of the Dead

Even though Shaun's plans to wait out the zombie apocalypse at his favorite pub, the Winchester, doesn't pan out, it still sounds like the best idea presented by the film.



48 Hours

Eddie Murphy walks into a racist redneck bar and lays the smack down so hard that he walks out a bonafide movie star.



The Shining

The award for creepiest bar scene goes to The Shining, in which Jack Nicholson drinks air served by ghosts and still manages to get wasted.



Out for Justice

No one destroys entire bars like Steven Seagal. In a career filled with scenes where he hits bad guys with pool cues and throws dudes out windows, this bar brawl is his very best.



From Dusk Till Dawn

Strippers and cheap booze may seem appealing, but that attraction fades once the staff transforms into vampires who bite your neck off.




If any thing makes clear the sadness of alcoholism, it's watching a drunken Mickey Rourke pick fights with Frank Stallone. That's the wrong Stallone!



Leaving Las Vegas

Watching Nicolas Cage drink himself to death is not nearly as fun as it sounds. In fact, the way he guzzles the stuff down is enough to make you a teetotaler for life. This bit, however, offers a rare fun exception.



Road House

Everything you ever needed to know about how to survive a rough bar, all told in one glorious tough guy monologue. Swayze's tips probably don't work as well in real life, but he sells them anyway.

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