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Before Summer Hits, Take Some Time for These Mom-Coms

My daughter missed diving lessons because I wanted -- no, insisted -- on seeing the movie Neighbors. The next night, I drove like a banshee to get her home from her after-school activity so I could hightail it to see The Other Woman.

My 13-year-old isn’t overscheduled, but I am. It feels like a solid 50% of my life revolves around driving her to sports, activities, classes and friend’s houses, in addition to my own obligations and interests. And it’s just going to get worse: summer is just weeks away.

Summer may be kids' “time off,” but for moms, it’s called “overtime.” For three months, we’ve got to entertain them, educate them and shuttle them from place to place -- without a break.

This is why it’s vital that we mothers take a little time for ourselves over the next few weeks. And the timing is perfect, because several mom-coms are coming to theaters. We can laugh at a wife’s worst nightmare in The Other Woman, a family’s worst nightmare with Neighbors, and the what-could-go-wrong-if-we-leave-the-baby-with-our-husbands nightmare Mom’s Night Out. Just make sure you go; it’s your last chance for a little “me” time before all your time goes to your mini me.

On the other hand, here are three movies to see with your family:

Bears. Follow a mama bear and her two cubs on a journey across Alaska in search of food – educating your kids about nature has never been so cute and funny.

Rio 2. Blu and Jewel go on vacation with their three children and discover they aren’t the only blue macaws in existence after all. Visually stunning and lots of fun music make this movie good for all ages.

Heaven Is for Real. Based on the book of a real-life account, a little boy who suffers a near-death experience describes heaven with details he couldn’t possibly know.

What do kids think about these films? Check out, where all kids are movie critics.


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