'Batman' to Appear at Anime Expo

From Lizerne Guiting: Most Batman diehards already know about Batman: Gotham Night—the six animated short films set in-between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The direct-to-DVD anthology film releases July 8. Now here’s the kicker: Two days before its release, this year’s Anime Expo will have a screening and panel discussion with Batman: Gotham Night’s six directors.


The short films are similar to The Animatrix, which tied the Matrix sequels together. Some Batman villains taking the spotlight include Scarecrow, Killer Croc and Deadshot. Check out the trailer.

The 2008 Anime Expo is at the L.A. Convention Center, July 3-6. It’s the nation’s biggest anime/manga convention, so fans are flying in all over the country to attend. The organizers also usually throw in sneak peeks of something high-profile. Last year, attendees got to screen Transformers. Info. about the expo and a full schedule of events, which includes movie showings, cosplaying, video gaming, panels galore and all things anime, can be viewed at anime-expo.org.

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