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Batman Rumor: Are Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan Coming Back for Justice League of America?

Holy hot rumors, Batman! The Internet exploded Sunday night (and Monday morning) with speculation that Warner Bros.' plans for a Justice League movie are about to kick into high gear … though it’s a story that we’ve heard before, and it comes with a warning that everything is in a RUMOR state until someone from the studio steps forward to confirm some of these massive moving parts. 
But here is what we are hearing: Christopher Nolan might have accepted a producer's role shepherding the Justice League property forward at Warner, and he might be bringing Christian Bale back to play Batman. 
Latino-Review broke the scoop, claiming that Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is generating raves behind the scenes, and that the studio is ready to ramp up JLA with Nolan serving as the "Godfather" (and Snyder possibly directing). The site points to a quote Bale gave during The Dark Knight Rises press that he’d be interested in reprising the role of Batman if Nolan had a good idea for a story. 
Can you think of a better story than Batman reclaiming his cape to fight alongside the Justice League of America?
Now, the problem is that this is all rumor at the moment, even though Latino has a solid track record of breaking DC movie scoops in the past. 
So many outlets have ventured, tentatively, down the DC Universe path trying to connect dots that aren’t necessarily clear just yet. And while it would make complete sense for Nolan and Bale to ride to the rescue and inject fresh blood into the JLA movie, we’re still not entirely sure how it would all work out from a scheduling and logistical standpoint. 
But for now, this video scoop has the DC fanbase losing its mind thinking about the possibilities. Give it a listen, and weigh in with your thoughts below. Will Bale return to the Caped Crusader role for a Justice League of America movie? Tell us what you think!

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