'Batman' Co-Writer Talks Next Sequel

In case you missed all the hoopla over the weekend, Gary Oldman accidentally told Comic-Con attendees during a panel for The Book of Eli that Batman 3 (aka The Next Batman Installment) was going into production next year for a release in 2012. Oldman, quickly realizing that he shouldn’t have said it or worded it that way, retracted the statement soon afterwards, claiming to know nothing about when the next sequel will actually go before cameras.

So in order to get to the bottom of this whole snafu, MTV caught up with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight co-writer David Goyer to see what he had to say about the shooting-next-year rumor. Unfortunately the man wasn’t able to offer up too much, but he did give us the following: “Right now, Chris is involved in filming 'Inception,' and when he finishes that, he will turn his studious gaze back to the Bat universe and we'll see.”

Inception, which is Nolan’s big sci-fi flick starring Leonardo DiCaprio, will most likely keep the director busy through at least the summer of 2010 (between filming, post-production and marketing), when the film is released. So, chances are the soonest Nolan can begin working on Batman 3 is the fall of 2010, which would make it so production wouldn’t begin until 2011 … so maybe we’ll get to witness a return of the Batman in 2012 alongside Captain America and The Avengers movies.

Wow, what a summer that would be, right?

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