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'Batman 3' Rumors Heat Up: Riddler Is the Villain?

Joseph Gordon-LevittIt’s been pretty obvious for awhile that Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film would feature The Riddler as the main villain. It’s the villain the fans have wanted for some time now, and the one that makes the most sense – especially since he’s sort of similar to the Joker in that they both love to play mind games, and the Joker was what helped The Dark Knight earn all that moola at the box office (and, ahem, an Oscar win for Heath Ledger).

Rumors have been swirling that Joseph Gordon Levitt would be the best choice for Riddler, probably because he’s got that whole skinny-snarky thing going on. Plus, the fact that Gordon-Levitt just starred in Nolan’s Inception doesn’t exactly hurt the situation.
The latest gossip comes from First Showing, who claim they’ve gotten a look at what’s called a “studio casting grid” for the next Batman film. Essentially this is an internal document that lays out all the casting for a film – from who’s been offered roles to which actors have scheduling conflicts and everything in between. Well, apparently this sheet listed The Riddler as the villain and Gordon-Levitt as being “interested” in the role. Will he do it? We don’t know. Is this information accurate? We don’t know. But I definitely believe Riddler will be in the next film, and if he is I think I’d want Gordon-Levitt to play him.
What do you think? Should Joseph Gordon-Levitt play The Riddler in Batman 3, or should they get someone else?
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