'Bat-tastic' Box Office

Bat fans, you've just made history. Yes, it all seems huge. But time will really bear out what a landmark weekend it truly was...

-Biggest weekend ever for a single film (The Dark Knight's actual final take, $158.4 million, was up $3.1 million from the Sunday estimates, and was $7.3 million more than the record set last year by Spider-Man 3's $151.1 million debut)

Image -Biggest one day ever (The Dark Knight took in $67.1 million on Friday alone, blasting right through Spider-Man 3's previous tally of $59.8 million)

-Biggest midnight showing ever (in one show time -- this didn't include the 3am and 6am showings -- The Dark Knight pulled in $18.5 million, nearly $2 million ahead of Star Wars: Episode III's $16.9 million)

-Biggest overall box office weekend in cinema history (the combined box office for all movies, including second place finisher Mamma Mia!'s best movie musical opening ever at $27.7 million, was $255+ million, tens of millions more than the previous record weekend, $218.4 million over the July 7 - 9, 2006 timeframe, which had Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest leading the way with $135.6 million.

On top of those overall b.o. stats, some more Fandango numbers...

-The Dark Knight broke Fandango's daily and hourly ticket sales records on Friday (the previous record-holder being Spidey 3). TDK also, of course, broke our weekend record.

-The Dark Knight was the fastest online seller in Fandango history, at 15 tickets per second on Friday.

-Fandango accounted for 13% of TDK's overall weekend.

So, the bottom line...it was a great weekend for the industry, for Fandango, and, given the positive response so far, for an overwhelming majority of movie critics and moviegoers alike. The fun part is, now we all get to see how high TDK can really fly. A poll we ran over the weekend said 64% of you who saw it are game to see it again...and I'm sure there are a lot of curious movie buffs who may have skipped the rush so they can see it with a little more leg room. In the end, I'll bet on a $400+ million domestic haul. What do you think?

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Watch 'Mamma Mia!' for Free