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Bat-Fleck Roundup: Fans Petition Warner Bros., Other DC Characters in the Comic Version and More

The old adage says that any publicity is good publicity, but after the thrashing the casting announcement of Ben Affleck as the new Batman has taken in the past 24 hours, Warner Bros. might be second-guessing the decision. Adding to that pressure is an online petition that steadily adds to its signature total as the seconds tick by.

Was casting Ben Affleck as Batman a wise decision? Certainly we're talking about the movie now more than ever before and the announcement could very well go down as the movie-news moment of the year. There's also two years before this movie arrives in theaters and who knows, maybe Affleck will surprise us. Michael Keaton certainly endured a similar level of cynicism when he signed on to play the Caped Crusader in 1989.

We'll offer up a few reasons why Affleck was a good casting choice on Monday once the knee-jerk reaction has worn off. Until then, with Batman and Superman cast, it's time to turn our attention to the other characters who could potentially appear in this Man of Steel sequel.

The film is being based off of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and there are characters present in the comic version who could appear on the big screen.

Joining the DC crew is Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, a character currently portrayed by Stephen Amell on the CW series Arrow. So let's break down who you'd like to see in these potential remaining characters. We've offered up some suggestions below.


Alfred Pennyworth (now in his eighties and still by Batman's side)

Actor: Christopher Lee

Carrie Kelley/Robin (a 13-year-old girl with absentee parents who teams up with old Batman)

Actor: Chloe Moretz

James Gordon (now a retiring commissioner of the Gotham Police Department who is aware of Batman's identity)

Actor: Robert Forster

Two-Face (now in his 50s, Harvey Dent has spent 12 years in Arkham Asylum. He has undergone plastic surgery to repair his face. He's given a clean bill of mental health and released, but he still thinks like Two-Face and ends up terrorizing the city with his face covered in bandages.)

Actor: John Malkovich

The Joker (Do Warner Bros./Zack Snyder dare try to bring the Joker back to the big screen following Heath Ledger's haunting Oscar-winning performance? If they do, the Joker will awaken from a catatonic state after hearing Batman has essentially unretired and sets about a brutal crime spree to try and draw the Gotham Knight out.)

Actor: Ben Foster

Dr. Bartholomew Wolper (Two-Face and Joker's psychiatrist. He is convinced the two villains are a result of Batman's crusade. His attempts to treat Two-Face fail and his meeting with the Joker, well, it doesn't go so well.)

Actor: Brent Spiner (aka Data from Star Trek)

Ellen Yindel (James Gordon's successor as commissioner. She is a critic of Batman, but doubts herself following the Joker's crime spree.)

Actor: Jennifer Connelly

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (After turning vigilante, he blames Superman for losing his left arm. Despite the handicap, he remains a highly skilled marksman.)

Actor: Viggo Mortensen

Selina Kyle (She is no longer known as Catwoman. Instead, Kyle runs an escort business.)

Actor: Eva Green

What do you think of these possible acting matchups? Sound off below.


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