Bam! Pow! Zap! Making 'Thor 2' and a 'World War Z' Sequel All but Confirmed

Welcome to an otherworldly sequels edition of BAM! POW! ZAP!, in which we travel to the Norse realm of Asgard for a peek at Thor:The Dark World and imagine a new venture into the zombie-ravaged landscape of World War Z.

Bringing the Thunder (God)

“There was a quote from one of my heroes David Lynch a long time ago,” muses Alan Taylor, the veteran director of Game of Thrones episodes who now stands at the helm of Thor: The Dark World.  “He said, 'The future of filmmaking will not be about telling stories; it will be about building worlds.' And I always loved that because I like to tell stories, but what I really like to do is build worlds.”

Game of Thrones clearly served as a warm up to creating an epic, fantastical world that felt real and lived in. “In terms of the look of it, I was always trying to pull towards the Norse mythology. [Marvel] give me the collective works of Thor, which is basically like three volumes. You can find anything in there: there's the Thor being a frog one, and there's Loki being a girl. My head started to spin!" he said. "You have to be true to that stuff, but I also felt very comfortable turning to Celtic imagery and Norse imagery and reading some of the sagas.”

Star Natalie Portman says her character Jane Foster will serve as the eyes of the audience as she transported from Earth to Asgard. “She’s experiencing the wonder of seeing all these things that she's studied about, that there's this advanced civilization… I still don't really have big action scenes. The Asgardians are really the warriors, and humans are like poor weaklings they have to protect.”

Taylor says he was eager to retain some of the key alchemy from the original film. “There were performances from the leads that Ken Branagh created – he launched those characters, and I wanted to serve all that. What I wanted to bring to it was more of the tone of the world and that they lived in and a sense of backstory to all these people. ‘Nothing shiny’ was my mandate.”


What About That World War Z  Sequel?

With World War Z making its home video debut, star Mireille Enos admits that, despite the prospect of being surrounded again by mindless, sprinting, rotting corpses, she’s eager to reunite with Brad Pitt to venture further into the postapocalyptic scenario.

“There's definitely big talk about a sequel, and I think with the success of the first one, I think it's pretty clear that that will happen. It's just a matter of when,” she said. “It really excites me. I mean, so much of the response about the movie keeps coming back to the family, and how that kept the story grounded and kept the audience engaged. I think there's a lot of potential in a sequel to have the families go to really interesting places.”

After Pitt, Enos got to work with not one but TWO Terminators, joining Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington in writer-director David Ayer’s Sabotage. The movie strongman and former governor of California is, she reports, “an adorable person, really intelligent and self deprecating. I play a girl named Lizzy, and it was very heartwarming. The whole time he just referred to me as 'my Lizzy.' He would say, 'Oh, there's my Lizzy...'"

What would you want to see from a sequel, and are you looking forward to Thor: The Dark World? Comment below.



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