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Backstage: Our Favorite Quotes from the Golden Globes

The 70th Annual Golden Globes didn’t disappoint this year as it honored some of the most talented actors in the film and television industry.

We got the golden opportunity to mingle backstage with winners Christoph Waltz, Jessica Chastain, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day-Lewis and many more. Here are some of the best quotes of the night from backstage...

Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained), winner for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture –

“My knees gave out when I walked up to the stage. It is unbelievable. It was a wild ride to work with Tarantino again. I get out of bed and I put my feet on the ground and for the rest of the day I try to stay there. I learn something from everything I do. I learned how this problem [slavery/prejudice] is still somewhat alive in the minds and hearts of America.”

Mychael Danna (Life of Pi), winner for Best Original Score in a Motion Picture –

“It was a very difficult movie to make. I read the book when it first came out and it really moved [me] so I felt very obligated to bring that essence to life and recapture that feeling I felt when I first [read] it. I worked on this score for over a year.  I’ve been going to India for decades now, my wife is Indian, it’s a second home for me. It was so fun to be able to bring that to this film. India is place where everything is possible.”

Adele (Skyfall), winner for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture –

“It’s very surreal and it’s not my field. I feel overly excited. It’s my first night out since having a baby. The pressure was huge but it’s such an honor to be a part of it all. Pierce Brosnan was my first Bond but Daniel Craig will be my Bond forever.”

On finding inspiration… “I’m usually inspired by hardship but I don’t think I will ever be devastated again so that’s good.”

Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook), winner for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical –

“I’m so confused and so happy. I found inspiration in my love for the character and my love for David [O. Russell]. Bradley [Cooper] is a fantastic actor and person. [Robert] De Niro is the ideal actor to work off. He’s a legend.”

On J-LA... “My 7th grade teacher used to call me that so to hear Will Ferrell say that is pretty incredible.”

On her Oscar nomination… “Me and the Oscars together gives me a lot of anxiety.”

Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables), winner for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture –

“I’ve loved the show [Les Miserable], I saw my mom play this role when I was 8 years old. The show has been so important to so many people. I would have played a musket so I’m glad I was able to perform such a good song. I am honored to be in this cast. ”

On her upcoming project… “My tan and it’s not going so well.”

Ben Affleck (Argo), winner for Best Director, Motion Picture –

“I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.  I worked with a lot of talented people. I had great producers. Tonight is just purely to enjoy that and be grateful.”

On not getting an Oscar nomination for best director… “Hey, I also didn’t get the acting nomination and no one is saying that I got snubbed there.”

George Clooney on Ben Affleck… “He was cheap and available. He was in actor jail for a while. It’s really about how you handle yourself when things aren’t going well. He directed his way out of that. I can’t tell you how proud we are to have worked with him and how much we hate him. I’m disappointed [that he didn’t get a best director nomination]. I think that he did a phenomenal job with the film. He’s still nominated for best picture and we still have a shot [at] that. We got seven nominations so we’re not out of the water.”

Jodie Foster, winner of the Cecil B. DeMille Award –

“I really want to focus on directing more. I would like to be directing tomorrow. I’m actually more into [my career] then I’ve ever been. People change, my work is evolving, I feel like acting has been this amazing film school for me. The speech speaks for itself. This is the first lifetime achievement award for me so it feels like a graduation. It’s a big moment and I wanted to say what’s most in my heart.”

On her role model… “My mom, she wouldn’t let me do my homework because she wanted me to watch films with her.”

Hugh Jackman (Les Miserables), winner for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical –

“I thank my lucky stars every day. It is the Mount Everest of moviemaking. I think Tom [Hooper] has redefined the way movie musicals will be made. For the record the idea that singing and dancing is not masculine is just the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Jean Valjean is the epitome of a man.”

Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty), winner for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama –

“I wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl. (Teary eyed) I’ve had really crazy jobs, I’ve really worked hard and I thought I was cursed for a while because all my films were getting delayed. What’s happened in the last two years fulfills my childhood dream. It’s really exciting to see who will call next. I’m a marathon runner. I want to be working when I’m 80 years old.”

Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln), winner for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama –

“I’m just amazed by the whole thing. I really circled it for seven years before I finally heard myself, to my own amazement, say, yes, let’s try to do this. I think I was pretty much convinced that I really wasn’t the person that [Steven Spielberg] needed to help tell the story. I cherish my time working here. I've [been] blessed with wonderful experiences over the years and the last thing I wanted to do was to go down in flames having desecrated the memory of the greatest person in the history of this country. Fear was something that I was certainly aware of, and I suppose the thing is that it’s the work that takes over. The curiosity and the work take over. And then afterwards you think, ‘What was I thinking?’”

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