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Awesome News of the Day: Fandango Joins Forces with the Alamo Drafthouse!

Alamo Drafthouse CinemaWe’ve got some great news today from within the candy-coated walls here at Fandango. (Seriously, the walls here are made out of cookie-dough ice cream – how did you not know this?) We here at Fandango have partnered up with the world famous Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to offer online and mobile ticketing for all first-run films and awesome Alamo events.

This new partnership will especially come in handy as the Alamo Drafthouse expands to places like New York, Los Angeles and other parts of the country, making it easy for you to just slide on by Fandango and pick up your tickets to films and events at any Alamo Drafthouse theater.
Those not familiar with the Alamo Drafthouse should know that it really is one of the best theaters in the country. Not just because of a set up that allows you to be served all sorts of tasty food, drinks and milkshakes (man their milkshakes are so good) during the movie, but also because the people in charge come up with the coolest film-related events you’ll ever have the pleasure of attending.
Some of those events include Sing-Alongs, Quote-Alongs, Big Screen Classics, Terror Tuesdays, Weird Wednesdays, Films & Feasts, Live Score events and more. During the upcoming SXSW Film Festival, for example, Alamo chief Tim League helped program a number of crazy-cool, under-the-radar films for the fest’s special SXFantastic section, as well as the midnight programming sidebar. Some of those films include the awesome-sounding The FP, about a group of guys who compete to the death in a game of Beat-Beat Revolution. Fandango and the Alamo Drafthouse will also join forces to throw a mega party at the festival to celebrate this announcement. Um, rad.
Those looking to learn more about the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema can check out their website, or keep it right here at Fandango as we’ll be launching a weekly "Guide to the Alamo Drafthouse" highlighting all the fun events and screenings so you don’t miss out. Good times ahead, folks!
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