Awesome Lego Constructions That Deserve Their Own Movies

Awesome Lego Constructions That Deserve Their Own Movies

The Lego Movie is out this week and the only thing we have to say about that is “What took so long?” Those little plastic blocks have been stirring creative imaginations since 1949, so a movie featuring them front and center is a no-brainer. Fans have been making Lego animated films since Super 8 was king and today there’s a massive YouTube fandom that supports the pursuit.

Perhaps one of the coolest things about Lego bricks is that one person’s inspiration about how to snap them together can create an end product that is nothing short of epic. Some might even say cinematic, as one can imagine a whole storyline and world leaping out of the visual creation.

In honor of The Lego Movie, we’ve collected some of the coolest Lego creations from the Web that made us want to see them featured on the big screen.


Crawler Town

Crawler Town

Lego aficionado Dave DeGobbi created Crawler Town, a massive construction that looks like an AT-AT mated with the Avenger’s Helicarrier. It’s supposed to be a roving city that is erected after cataclysmic climate change. We say, “Hello, Lego Mad Max!”


Haunted house

Haunted House

Incredible Lego builder Mike Doyle did a series of abandoned Victorian Lego houses all in grey, white and black bricks that made us shudder more than most horror movies ever elicit from us. Truly creepy, his builds made us want the Lego horror movie we never knew we wanted!



T. rex

We’ve all been waiting for a new Jurassic Park to grace theaters for years, but nothing is happening fast. In the meantime, the Lego team went ahead and built a scale T. rex made out of bricks, and we think it’s impressive enough to fill the bill while Spielberg dithers.



Mt. Rushmore

New York artist Nathan Sawaya is a Lego Master Builder who creates massive sculptures that have been featured in museums around the world. He did this inspired version of Mt. Rushmore which immediately made us think of an updated Lego version of North by Northwest. Who doesn’t want a Cary Grant inspired minifigure?


Pop-Up Book

Pop-up Book

Another Sawaya creation takes the pop-up book to a whole new level with a Lego castle rising out of a brick-based book. It’s beautiful and we can envision an incredible range of creations building up brick by brick and then drawing us into the world in animated form.


Futuristic City

White City

In 2012, 5,000 Japanese children were tasked with participating in Project Build-Up Japan. Each child created a futuristic building out of white Legos and then all of the buildings were put together to create a massive white city. It’s stunning and could easily be the backdrop to an incredibly beautiful sci-fi movie world. Perhaps the Wachowski’s or Peter Jackson will bite?


Airport '14

Airport ‘14

We miss the days of cheesy airport disaster movies featuring B-list casts and near-miss sky collisions. When we saw this massive airport Lego city built at Senayan City in Indonesia, we immediately saw the future of disaster movies: near-brick collisions? Yes, please.  




Nathan Zhang and Tyler Clites created this original sci-fi concept world called Containment. Everything from the postapocalyptic design with a working train to brick debris pile, we want to see come to life.




Futurama retired once more from television in 2013, so that just means there’s a resurrection due soon. For a show that played with all kinds of animation formats, why not take a page from builder Matt De Lanoy’s Lego playbook and re-create the future in bricks?


Batman Cave

Batman’s Cave

We know Snyder and Goyer are hard at work preparing Batman vs. Superman for the big screen, but this Batcave creation in bricks looks pretty amazing. It might be an atypical pitch but this Lego version looks Hollywood ready to us.

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