'Avatar' DVD to Hit Sooner Than You Think

When news first hit that the Avatar DVD and Blu-ray would arrive in stores by June 30th, we assumed that meant late May, early June or thereabouts. However, while speaking to the Wall Street Journal, James Cameron admitted that they're hoping to release the standard DVD and Blu-ray on Earth Day, April 22nd, which isn't too far off at all.


Additionally – and this was something I predicted back when the DVD was first announced – Cameron feels they'll have a "value-added DVD and a 3D Blu-ray" ready for a November release. When he says "value-added", that's just fancy talk for "special edition" or "the one with all the extras we actually wanted to see." This is pretty big news since 20th Century Fox didn't feel like the technology was there for a 3D home entertainment release, but I imagine they're working super fast behind the scenes to make that happen.
My question is why? Is it really worth it to rush out a 3D copy of Avatar when no one will have 3D equipped TVs? Unless you won't have to own a 3D-equipped TV, then it's a different story. Hopefully we won't have to wait till November to find out …
Will you be buying the standard Avatar DVD or will you wait for it to hit in 3D?
UPDATE: Fox contacted us to shoot down the rumor that the 3D Blu-ray would be ready by November. As previously noted, the technology just isn’t there yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know when it will arrive.
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