At the 'Tron: Legacy' Premiere with 'Tron' Star Beau Garrett

At the 'Tron: Legacy' Premiere with 'Tron' Star Beau Garrett

The Tron: Legacy L.A. premiere took place on Saturday night, 12/11, at Hollywood's El Capitan theater. Our own Jennifer Baker, whose best friend Beau Garrett plays lead siren Gem in the movie, was on the scene. As we prepare for Tron to take over cineplexes everywhere this weekend, we thought it'd be fun to recap Jenny's experience at the event. Here is her moment by moment account of how the night went down…

"Let the madness begin," I said as we turned onto Hollywood Blvd and saw the street completely taken over with Tron marvels: smoke machines, green and blue lights, the bass rumbling a deep electric pulse, and a crowd of people all waiting for one glimpse of Garrett Hedlund. I, on the other hand, was there to support the other Garrett, and my best friend since high school – actress Beau Garrett.

We rolled to the El Capitan in an Escalade with Beau's posse, consisting of her lovely parents, David and Randi, and our other best girlfriend, Erin. We were all excited to see our girl strut down the "blue" carpet in her ravishing red dress by Giambattista Valli. The Italian designer's name became a phonetics lesson as we prepped Beau for that one pivotal question, "who are you wearing?"

Beau Garrett and Jenny Baker

Beau & Jenny at the Tron premiere

Beau's posse, now multiplied with her manager, agent and publicist, sat back and watched Hollywood at its finest with all of the posing, autographs, and interview after interview down the press line. This was our cue to grab some popcorn and 3D glasses and get ready for a wild ride onto the Grid.

The energy in the theater was contagious as people had been waiting 28 years to see this sequel come to life on the silver screen. The roar of clapping and screams filled the two-story theater as the Daft Punk music vibrated through the speakers. The 2D scenes quickly switched to 3D as Sam Flynn, the son of Kevin Flynn, enters the online world of Tron. Beau, who plays the main Siren named Gem, utters that one word to Sam as he’s about to enter the game, "Survive!" After all of the groundbreaking visual effects, fight scenes that feel Matrix-esque, and lots of rooting for Sam and Kevin Flynn to make it off of the Grid alive, the film ended with a standing ovation and cheers, as we all just witnessed, in my opinion, the best film of the year.

As the theater flooded out in droves to the afterparty across the street, we shared hugs and praise for our girl Beau and her amazing work in the film. Now, it was time to celebrate! With a wildly futuristic feel and light-up ice cubes in our dirty martinis, we took in the scenery and mingled with the crowd. Sirens marched around, kids played video games, and people posed in front of a green screen, reaching for the disc like the characters in the Tron movie posters. And by people, I mean we ourselves definitely reached for that disc while trying to fit five people in the photo.

As the night died down, and we somehow managed to fit in at least a couple dances, it was time to end the night on a high. So we grabbed good friends, Bulleit Bourbon and went back to an unassuming life sitting in Beau's backyard in Silverlake, listening to some good tunes and great conversation. After it was all said and done, the night was beautifully perfect. With a feeling of appreciation for having shared such a fabulous time with my best friend, it was nice to sit back and enjoy…before the Tron madness unfolds again this week.

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