At the Oscar Noms

Here's a few Oscar nom observations from our staffer on the scene at the announcements ceremony...

There's nothing like a dark, rainy L.A. morning to pick up the spirits of the press corps, and publicists - especially those whose films don't pick up nominations.

On one side of the auditorium: the all-smiles camp from Fox Searchlight, who received multiple nods for Juno. On the other side of the room: the handlers for the mostly-absentee Into the Wild, who looked like they'd been hit by a Mac truck.

Kathy Bates, of Misery fame, and Academy president Sid Gannis presided over an otherwise fairly complacent crowd of about 450.

*Press and publicists contemplate what it all means at the '08 Oscar Nominations:


The loudest catcall was a resounding "yes!" for Best Supporting nominee Casey Affleck - who repped the Young Hollywood crowd well in a year that includes youthful nominees Ellen Page, Saoirse Ronan and Juno's just-barely-turned-30 filmmaker Jason Reitman.

Other applause: Laura Linney got claps for her nod for The Savages and Tommy Lee Jones drew a hush (as in woah, surprise) then hollers of approval for In the Valley of Elah. Tony Gilroy, too, got a few cheers for Michael Clayton ( Clayton over Into the Wild? Whaaa?)

I viewed the announcements from the comforts of home, but watching E!'s Ben Lyons report from out in the cold at Sundance, while his favorite movie Wild got the shaft...I felt the shudders. Wild's Hal Holbrook won't likely upend fellow Supporting nominee Javier Bardem (as the indelible incarnation of warped evilness in No Country), but if there's any jusice...well, we'll see what happens.

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Oscar Noms Morning

Oscar Noms Morning