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Anthony Russo Talks 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

Since Marvel's hiring of brothers Anthony and Joe Russo to helm the Captain America sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we haven't heard much from the duo. Best known for directing television shows Community and Arrested Development as well as some feature film experience with You, Me and Dupree and Welcome to Collinwood, one half of the directing tandem, Anthony Russo spoke with Huffington Post about the upcoming Marvel film.

Russo touched on the general goal for Chris Evans' Cap saying, "we're trying to grow him as a character, and certainly he's come a long way, from where he started in pre-World War II to where he is in modern-day America. So the character has room for growth because of that huge journey that he's been on."

So will the sequel follow the storyline of The Winter Soldier? The story arc written by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting finds Cap diving into a terrorist gang war as he investigates the assassination of his archenemy the Red Skull and features Bucky played by Sebastian Stan in the first film. For those who haven't read the series, we'll leave the plot twists for you to discover.

It sounds as though Marvel won't necessarily be working with a straight adaptation here as evidenced by Russo's comment that the films are "all sort of rooted in what's come before, but they're also their own jumping-off point as well."

Russo danced around the question about the inclusion of WWII flashbacks.

"Certainly Cap has this complicated history. We're making the movie for first-time viewers, not just for fans, so, because Cap does have this complicated history, in the storytelling, you need to convey that to an audience who doesn't know Cap's story."

Anthony Mackie will appear in the film as Falcon and Stan is likely to reprise his role of Bucky from the first film, but what about Hayley Atwell who played Peggy Carter in the first film? Russo declined to answer that question as well as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s presence in the film.

One of the big questions fans are wondering is what the tone of this sequel will be. The first film definitely had a period film feel to it and true to Brubaker's style, Winter Soldier takes a much darker tone.

"I have to be very careful how I answer this, because it does border on issues of what the movie is. But yeah, he is in a very different time and place. For as well as that style worked for his World War II experience and the origin of Cap — part of the fun of picking a guy out of one time period and plopping him down in another is that all bets are off. The whole world is different, and that’s part of the struggle of the character and the challenge the character faces."

That been said, Russo admits that the darker tone of The Winter Soldier appealed to him and his brother.

"I can say in general that there's sort of a darker, edgier sensibility at work there that we found appealing, and that is going find its way into Captain [America] in the modern day."

Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in theaters April 4, 2014.

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