AMC Stubs Members: See Billy Crystal in 'Parental Guidance' for Free Tonight!

If you've got a craving from some Billy Crystal, AMC Theaters is offering a free screening for his upcoming movie, Parental Guidance for free tonight. The catch? You have to be an AMC Stubs member.

A lot of the larger markets (L.A., NY, Chicago) have already been booked, but there still seats available for plenty of other cities across the country. Find out if your city still has seating available.

If you're shut out, don't worry, you can catch the film in theaters on Christmas Day.

For those who didn't know Billy Crystal had a new movie coming out, or for those who forgot what the last trailer looked like (it has been a while), check it out below. If you happen to get into one of the free screenings, let us know what you thought of the movie in the comments!

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