Alfonso Cuaron and Sandra Bullock, on 'Gravity', George Clooney and Going to Space

Director Alfonso Cuaron was joined by Sandra Bullock during a Warner Bros. press conference for the sci-fi space adventure Gravity. The film will be released this October in 3D and IMAX.

Here are some highlights:

Alfonso Cuaron on creating the world of Gravity: "We didn't want to create a new world. We didn't invent anything. We went retro and decided to keep the current astronaut suits. We went through pains to honor reality as much as we could. Of course, it's a work of fiction so we don't pretend to be to be 100% realistic."

Sandra Bullock on George Clooney: "I've known George before the world knew handsome George. He's the same person, loves film, he's the ultimate team worker. All he cares about is being at the table, reading the script, what lines are great, he was the same person I knew when our hair was dark and curly. You're always grateful when you're  working with George. He wants everyone to have their moment and looks out for everyone."

Cuaron on shooting in 3D: "We didn't shoot with 3D cameras. We wanted to but after a test we realized it was impossible because of the technology and space constraints. The weight of the cameras also made it impossible. We started the [3D] conversion three and half years ago. I consulted with James Cameron. This was when 3D was cool. It's been overused now. I love 3D. I think if it is used correctly it's amazing. I love the sense of depth."

"George saw that we were struggling with Sandra on a few scenes. He was done shooting, he could have just left but he stayed around. Out of the blue he decided to help and he rewrote this scene. He said, 'For what it's worth, here's this... delete it or take it.'"

Bullock on getting help from astronauts: "I wanted to be really accurate and we had specialists. Astronauts have such an organic love for our planet and civilization. Talking with them helped me give things more emotion."

"It felt very futuristic to me. I haven't seen the completed film but I hope [audiences] are taking completely out of their bodies and [motivated] to do something amazing with their own lives. Hopefully, you come out of the film feeling that you're born again, given a second chance and that you get to do what you really wanted to do with your life."

Cuaron on his dream of being an astronaut: "Yes, as a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. I remember when I realized that being an astronaut wasn't going to be a reality so I decided to be a filmmaker. This film got me the closest to fulfilling my dream of being an astronaut."

"I really want to go to space. If someone would sponsor me I would gladly go to space."

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