Alex Winter Offers 'Bill & Ted 3' Update and Which Is the Most Excellent 'Bill & Ted' Movie

A third Bill & Ted movie has been kicking around for many, many years and while there has been very little movement in getting the project into production, the two principle actors, Alex Winter (Bill) and Keanu Reeves (Ted), have sporadically teased that a third film is in the works.

Taking to Reddit to promote and raise funds for his upcoming documentary Deep Web: The Untold Story of BitCoin and The Silk Road, Winter was quizzed about where Bill & Ted 3 stood and answered questions about which of the first two movies were "better" and cool memorabilia he kept from the films. Winter also talked about working with director Joel Schumacher on The Lost Boys among other things in the full Reddit IAMA session.
Judging from Winter's answer, Bill & Ted 3 is still quite several years from actually happening. Since Hollywood seems to be making everything old new again, here's hoping we'll see this most excellent duo back on the big screen soon.
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Q: 'Bill &Ted 3': elaborate please!
A: We have the script and our producing team on board, in finance mode now... :)
Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is it that 'B&T 3' will be financed and actually get made?
A: I'd say 10 but it's Hollywood... so 9.9?

Q: Since George Carlin has died, will there be some new character coming in to replace Rufus in helping the Wyld Stallyns?
A: We've spent a lot of time and thought on making this work. all i can say right now :)

Q: Any cool memorabilia you kept from Bill and Ted?
A: I had my evil robot head from BnT 2, but it eventually rotted. I used it as a doorstep. My kids loved it :)
Q: You need to finally settle the debate. What's the better movie EXCELLENT ADVENTURE or BOGUS JOURNEY?
A: Excellent Adventure = sweeter. Bogus Journey = funnier. In my opinion. :)


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