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Alamo Drafthouse Guide: This week, the Alamo obsesses over Harry Potter… and we love every second of it.

The Alamo Drafthouse has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the greatest movie theaters in the history of mankind…or at least the history of movie theaters. With their signature events, ample food and drink selection, and strict no-talking policy, they make obsolete all tawdry multiplexes and completely redefine the movie-going experience. Here’s what they’re up to this week!

Thursday July 14th
Only at the Alamo: Harry Potter-A-Thon
Alamo Lake Creek 4:25am; 4:30am
Sometimes being a cinephile means participating in an endurance test to prove your worth. In preparation for the curtain finally falling on the Harry Potter franchise, the Alamo Drafthouse is marathoning all the existing films leading up to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. The fun starts at the crack of dawn and we’ll party like goblins til the wee hours of the morning. Accio Awesomeness!
Summer Kids Camp: The Muppet Movie
Alamo Village 11:00am
It’s time to get up early. It’s time to bring the kids. It’s time to pay no money to see one awesome Muppet adventure. Bursting with more huge celebrity cameos than you can shake a banjo at, The Muppet Movie is among the greatest family films in existence.
Action Pack: Commando
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm
This week the Alamo examines the one vital quality necessary in crafting the perfect action hero: catchphrases. Sure, Arnie’s ability to use a multitude of absurd weapons and resemble a living action figure come in handy, but what’s the point of dispatching a hitman with extreme prejudice if you can’t coin the semi-ironic, supposedly humorous quip? As per usual, live explosions will threaten to burn the theater down and lines will appear on screen for all of us to quote-along with the innumerable one-liners.
Only at the Alamo: Blank City
Alamo Lake Creek 9:00pm
Blank City is an artist’s history of New York in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, when No Wave was the buzzword and low rent was the means of survival. In Downtown Manhattan, artists were living in abandoned, burnt down apartments and forming a community inspired by this dangerous wasteland. This documentary uses firsthand interviews and archival footage to tell the story of musicians like Patti Smith, Television, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, The Contortions, The Bush Tetras, and Sonic Youth and filmmakers of the “Cinema of Transgression” like Jim Jarmusch, Steve Buscemi, Richard Kern, Amos Poe, James Nares, Eric Mitchell, Susan Seidelman, Beth B, Scott B, Charlie Ahearn and Nick Zedd. Definitely a must see documentary for those interested in independent art.”—
The Justin Timberlake Sing-Along
Alamo Ritz 9:45pm
Don’t be so quick to walk away, this sing-along in particular promises to rock your body so please stay. With your help, and the utter pop majesty that is JT, we can once and for all bring sexy back. Get your tickets early or cry me a river because you were left out of all the fun.
Alamo Survivor’s Tip: The Harry Potter-A-Thon is a must for fans, but it is also a bear of a challenge. Make sure to be well rested and pace yourself on both food and drink throughout the course of the event. You don’t want to load up on heavier menu items around noon or down multiple buckets of beer as soon as they are legally able to provide it because you’ll be passed out by the beginning of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.
Friday July 15th
Summer Kids Camp: Flight of the Navigator
Alamo Lake Creek 10:20am
“David Freeman (Joey Cramer), a 12-year-old boy, is mysteriously abducted by an alien ship and returns to Earth eight years later, still only 12. He now possesses great navigational powers that enable him to fly his space ship anywhere he desires. Along with the robotic Commander Max (voiced by Paul Reubens under the name Paul Mall) and Mascot Puckmarin, the boy encounters an adventure of extraterrestrial proportions.”—
Master Pancake: New Moon
Alamo Ritz (thru 7/16) 7:00pm; 10:00pm
If any film franchise deserved a savage thrashing at the hands of the Master Pancake crew, it’s Twilight. Come thrill as the Alamo’s resident comedy team point out the innumerable faults of the second entry in the series that got virtually everything wrong about vampires, werewolves, and believable human beings.
Saturday July 16th
Only at the Alamo: Make Believe
Alamo Ritz (thru 7/17) 4:15pm
“This amazing documentary exposes the steamy and high-stakes world of teenage magic competitions as it follows six adolescent outsiders who all share an extraordinary passion for the art of trickery. Armed with great skill and a dazzling array of illusions, these teenagers embark from all over the world to attend the annual World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, where they each hope to be named Teen World Champion by master magician Lance Burton.  From the producers of the fabulous King of Kong, this film will leave you inspired and dumbfounded, as it showcases some of the most incredible, eccentric young performers working today.”—
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Alamo Village 11:55pm
Thrill to all the cheap laughs, cheap women, and cheap production values of one of the world’s premier bad movies. Watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show in-and-of-itself is an event, but it takes on a whole new life when witnessed within the walls of The Alamo Village with loads of audience participation, dressed-up patrons, and general wickedness that has become a vital component to the film’s meteoritic rise to cult film legend. 
Sunday July 17th
Zzang!!!: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm
“We’re ramping up to light speed with the dimension-crossing chronicle of rock ‘n’ roll alien science gone berserk: Buckaroo Banzai!!! If you’ve seen it, you know what the hell I’m talking about…and if you haven’t, your curiosity MUST BE SATISFIED! Join us for the movie that transformed the summer of ’84 into a spastic, 70,000 MPH comic book triple-jammed with extraterrestrial, interdimensional threats and hilarious, impossible adventure!”—
TV at the Alamo: Breaking Bad
Alamo South Lamar 9:00pm/Alamo Lake Creek 10:30pm
“This six-time Emmy Award winning drama from AMC is probably the best show about meth cookers since I Love Lucy.  Bryan Cranston, who has won the Best Lead Actor award three years in a row, stars as Walter White, a science teacher turned crystal meth kingpin in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Every week, we will be watching last week's episode followed by the new episode, recorded on DVR so we can fastforward through commercials. For the premiere episode, we will watch the Season 3 finale first!”—  
Only at the Alamo: Captain America w/Albert Pyun Live
Alamo Ritz 10:15pm
If you really want to get excited about that big Hollywood version of Captain America coming out in a couple weeks, come to this screening. The 1990 version staring the son of J.D. Salinger (that’s right, that guy you were forced to read in high school) is an experiment in total failure. Keep your eyes peeled for the moment wherein Red Skull goes back to a non-red, human face because the production ran out of makeup budget. America!
Alamo Survivor’s Tip: 1990’s Captain America is a disaster not to be missed and director Albert Pyun is a legend in the field of schlock. The man directed The Sword and the Sorcerer, Alien from L.A., Cyborg, and multiple Kickboxer sequels. This is exactly the kind of special guest who would not draw a crowd at any other theater, but will be treated as royalty at the Alamo.
Monday July 18th
Summer Kids Camp: Bridge to Terabithia
Alamo South Lamar (thru 7/21) Check daily times
“Based on the popular Newbery Award-winning novel, Bridge to Terabithia is a fantasy/adventure story of friendship, family and the power of imagination from the producers of The Chronicles of Narnia. Brimming with fantastical creatures, palaces and beautiful forests, the world of Terabithia is brought to life by the amazing Academy Award®-winning visual effects wizards at Weta Digital (Lord of the Rings, King Kong).”—
Summer Kids Camp: Flushed Away
Alamo Village (thru 7/21) 11:00am
“In this comedy set on and beneath the streets of London, Roddy St. James (Hugh Jackman) is a pampered pet mouse who thinks he's got it made. But when a sewer rat named Sid (Shane Richie) – the definition of "low life" -- comes spewing out of the sink and decides it's his turn to enjoy the lap of luxury, Roddy schemes to rid himself of the pest by luring him into the loo for a dip in the ‘whirlpool.’”—
Tales of an Ancient Empire w/Albert Pyun Live
Alamo Ritz 4:15pm
“The ambitious and schlocky filmmaker Albert Pyun, whose work has spanned almost three decades is back with a sword and sandal flick for the twenty-first century.  This is a pseudo-sequel to The Sword and The Sorcerer, and absolutely must be seen to be believed.”—
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Feast
Alamo Lake Creek 7:00pm
Hogwarts at Christmas time couldn’t touch the plethora of delectable goodies that Alamo Head Chef John Bullington has prepared for you. As quiver in anticipation leading up to the midnight screening of The Deathly Hallows, Pt 2, prepare your taste buds for a Hagrid-sized treat. With menu selections inspired by each of the deathly hallows, the Alamo’s Harry Potter feast promises to be an unforgettable evening more thrilling than the Quidditch World Cup.
Only at the Alamo: Best of 48hr Film Project
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm
“Join us for the much anticipated event that all the 48 HFP participants look forward to – The Best of Screening!  Great food and drink, so plan to bring the family and friends for dinner! Filmmakers from all over the Austin area compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world for the title ‘Best 48 Hour Film of 2011.’
Screening of the TOP TEN films of this year’s competitions!  Also screening will be films that may not have been selected for the Top Ten but won an award.  The TOP TEN will be announced around July 11.  Awards will be given in 12-15 categories.”—
Music Monday: Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage
Alamo Ritz 10:00pm
“Amazing as it may seem, Rush trails only The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith for the most consecutive gold or platinum albums by a rock band. The band has sold more than 40 million records worldwide and garnered untold legions of devoted and admiring fans. This critically acclaimed film explores the forty-year career and phenomenon behind what could be the world’s biggest cult band.  Featuring never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with notables such as Jack Black, Billy Corgan, Trent Reznor, Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and Gene Simmons, this film is sure to please RUSH die-hards and those who are just discovering the Canadian Prog-rock band that brought us “Tom Sawyer” and countless other gems.”—
The Big Lebowski Quote-Along
Alamo South Lamar 10:30pm
If you love the Cohen Brothers’ tribute to shiftless losers with mad bowling skills and penchants for Creedence Clearwater Revival, this is the place to be. All your favorite one-liners from The Dude will flash across the screen to prompt your collective vocal worship of this masterful comedy.
Alamo Survivor’s Tip: The Alamo feasts are always a big draw, but the fact that we’re celebrating the close of one of the most epic film franchises in history makes the event all the more enticing. I highly, highly recommend the Drafthouse’s rendition of butter beer. I would avada kedavra someone for a pint right now.
Tuesday July 19th
AFS: The Double Life of Veronique
Alamo South Lamar 7:00pm
“Veronika in Poland and Veronique in Paris are somehow linked – same birth date, same musical talent, same heart problems, same dreams. They never meet (except for one brief puzzling glimpse). One life ends, the other continues but always with a mysterious feeling of some indistinct connection with another being. Polish filmmaker Kieslowski made a beautiful film with the amazing Irene Jacob playing dual roles, but he purposely left clear meanings outside the frame, so that we could just enjoy the beauty and the mystery of life and identity.”—
Girlie Night: Troop Beverly Hills
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm
“You know how most girls dabble in Girl Scouts but never make it past the Brownie level because you actually have to work to earn patches and the uniforms are, let's be frank, kind of heinous? Well, I actually stayed in my troop until I was in the eighth grade, which yes, was incredibly lame. You know why? Because there was a part of me that secretly hoped and wished and prayed that Phyllis Nefler would show up with her flaming red hair and crazy harlequin pastel dress and take charge of my troop so we could earn patches in Shoe Shopping and Diamond Inspection and go camping at the Beverly Hills Hotel and make fondue because AWESOME!!!!!”—Sarah Pitre via
Terror Tuesday: Terrorvision
Alamo Ritz 9:50pm
“NOT AVAILABLE ON DVD! There are two types of people in this world: those who enjoy fun...and adults. Terrorvision is 100% Adult Repellent, and ranks with heavy hitters like PeeWee’s Big Adventure and The Monster Squad as a solid monolith of pure, undistilled entertainment. A criminally underseen goldmine of '80s schlock, this movie features more new wave hysteria, protoplasmic slime and hilarious dialogue than the next 20 years of video vomit would even hint at.”—Zack Carlson via
Wednesday July 20th
Only at the Alamo: World Famous Ricky Powell Slide Show
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm
“Not only was Ricky Powell on the scene with his camera during the rise of hip hop in the '80s, he was part of that same scene as the unofficial house photographer at Def Jam and as the "fourth Beastie Boy." Though his photographs are now accepted and respected by the art world, he's still living the wild style. And now he's touring with a slideshow of some of his best photographs and uncensored stories about the movers and shakers of hip-hop and popular culture in general.”— 
The Justin Timberlake Sing-Along
Alamo Village 10:00pm
Weird Wednesday: Pinball Summer
Alamo Ritz 10:00pm
“You know this type of movie.  In the early to mid '80s they were all over the pay-cable networks - teen comedies that featured no actual teenagers and very little that would be recognized as comedy outside a kindergarten or head trauma ward.  A few of these T&A comedies were better than expected and a some were even worse.  PINBALL SUMMER may actually be the worst of this sad lot.  It makes HOLLYWOOD HIGH look like BRINGING UP BABY.  But even a three-legged dog has its own eccentric charm.  Like the earlier WW favorite SUPERVAN it attempts to capitalize on a marginal fad, in this case the short-lived pinball craze that swept the world for about three months in 1979.  It's all there: the nerds, the threatening biker gang, the two cool dudes who just want to have fun and of course the gum-smacking girls who rip their tops off for no reason at all.”—Lars Nilsen via
            West Oaks
            Graveyard Shift: The Fly
            7/16 10:00pm
“Welcome to The Graveyard Shift — where night owls come together to enjoy some of the best horror movies ever made. From the classics to unknown gems, every month the Alamo Drafthouse will pick out a favorite from the vault for your enjoyment. The Graveyard Shift isn’t just a simple screening, though — it’s an event. Once a month we’ll bring you games, giveaways and surprises of all shapes and sizes. If you’re a horror fan living in Houston, the third Saturday of the month is reserved for The Graveyard Shift.”—
Food & Film: Harry Potter Feast
            7/18 7:00pm
Sentai Anime
            7/18 7:30pm
“The people that brought anime at the Drafthouse is back under a new name, Sentai Filmworks! Watch the best anime around every third Monday of the month. Anime, dinner, and doorprizes. It cannot get any better than that!”—  
Only at the Alamo: Anime
            7/19 7:30pm
The Alamo Drafthouse provides a welcome haven for fans of Japanese animation. Samurai swords must unfortunately be checked at the door.
            The Justin Timberlake Sing-Along
            7/20 7:30pm
Mason Park
            Free Family Fun: Corpse Bride
            7/14-7/15 11:00am
Only at the Alamo: Harry Potter-A-Thon
            7/14 4:30am
Hecklevision: Johnny Mnemonic
            7/14 7:30pm
What gives you the right to mock Johnny Mnemonic? Oh wait, that’s right, it’s terrible. If you think you’ve crafted just the right jab at this Keanu Reeves catastrophe, come to the Alamo and see your texted jokes appear on the screen. Extra points if your joke also obscures any of the countless scenes of utter garbage.
            Big Screen Classics: Full Metal Jacket
            7/17 6:30pm
One of the greatest war movies ever made returns to the big screen. Along with showcasing entirely new facets of the horrors of the Vietnam War, Stanley Kubrick’s military masterpiece launched the careers of Vincent D’Onofrio and Hollywood’s go-to drill sergeant R. Lee Ermey.
            Free Family Fun: Fantastic Mr. Fox
            7/18-7/22 11:00am
Only at the Alamo: The People vs. George Lucas
            7/18 7:30pm
If you don’t love Star Wars, well no that’s a ridiculous lead-in because everybody loves Star Wars. But even if you merely count yourself a moderate fan of the greatest trilogy ever produced, you will be biting bicycles in half and screaming in rage by the end of this documentary. Not only does the film indict Star Wars creator George Lucas for the wholesale cinematic bastardization known as the prequels, but reveals some of the truly seedy things he has done that work directly against the pursuit of film preservation. I would advise against wearing your Jar Jar Binks tee-shirt.
            Food & Film: Harry Potter Feast
            7/19 7:00pm
San Antonio
Only at the Alamo: Harry Potter-A-Thon
            7/14 6:00am
Only at the Alamo: Anime
            7/18 7:30pm
TV at the Alamo: Doctor Who
            7/20 7:30pm; 7:35pm
Park North
            Only at the Alamo: Harry Potter-A-Thon
            7/14 6:00am
Girlie Night: Troop Beverly Hills
            7/20 7:00pm
Stone Oak
            Only at the Alamo: Harry Potter-A-Thon
            7/14 6:00am
Only at the Alamo: A Very Special Episode
            7/18 7:00pm
Sitcoms are a strange animal. They create worlds in which a girl can have two dads, where former football stars could adopt tiny little black kids, and fresh princes can live in Bel-Air. And yet, despite this disconnect from reality, it seemed every sitcom had that “very special” episode wherein they touched upon, often very inappropriately, serious issues. Come enjoy all the hilarious discomfort!
            The Ultimate Rock Sing-Along
            7/20 7:00pm
Leather pants? Check. Righteous Axe? Check. Gigantic hair? Double Check. This sing-along will prove once and for all that we do love rock-and-roll and want to engage in it all night while also partying every day. Stretch your vocal chords before hand for the blistering power solos.
Winchester, VA
            Only at the Alamo: Harry Potter-A-Thon
            7/14 4:30am
Big Screen Classics: Full Metal Jacket
            7/19 8:20pm
            The Ultimate Rock Sing-Along
            7/20 8:30pm
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