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Alamo Drafthouse Guide (6/14-6/20): Ride with 'E.T.,' and Survive 'The Night of the Hunter'

The Alamo Drafthouse has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the greatest movie theaters in the history of mankind…or at least the history of movie theaters. With their signature events, ample food and drink selection, and strict no-talking policy, they make obsolete all tawdry multiplexes and completely redefine the movie-going experience. Here’s what they’re up to this week!

Thursday June 14th

Summer of 1982: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Alamo Ritz (thru 6/16) 4:00pm

“Why did we EVER love E.T.? When he first showed up in the cornfield, he scared the hell out of us. Then later, when he was sick in that creek bed, he made us cry like little sissy babies. Plus he looks like something that fell off of Danny DeVito. But something about that gnarled little spud spoke to every tender-hearted moviegoer in the country, filling us with an interplanetary sense of love and wonder. Times have changed, science fiction movies have exploded into a bold new era of inflated budgets and computerized effects…and no spaceborne adventure has ever recaptured the undisputed magic of Spielberg’s incredible, original boy-and-his-alien masterpiece.”—Zack Carlson via

Tommy Boy Quote-Alongs
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm

“It's been almost fifteen years since Chris Farley passed away, and yet I find myself still quoting him on an almost daily basis. Whether I'm opening my fridge (‘You could put a six pack of b... soda in here.’) or reaching for a dinner roll (‘You're naughty!’), the spirit of Chris Farley remains alive and well in my vernacular. Sure, I've seen other comedies since Tommy Boy was first released in 1995, but none of them have managed to oust the words of Tommy Callahan Jr., adorably idiotic man child, from the top of my vocabulary. And then there's the deliciously deadpan wit of David Spade, who plays Richard, Tommy's coworker and reluctant babysitter. If mockery is a science, then Richard's jibes at Tommy (‘Did I catch a niner in there? Were you calling from a walkie talkie?’) should have earned him the Nobel Prize. Together, Spade and Farley made up one of the most hilarious duos in the history of cinema, and we'll celebrate them at this special Action Pack screening by quoting along with all of our favorite lines, i.e. basically the entire movie. Join us for a night of cow tipping, maniac dancing and deer that aren't quite dead. And fat guys, don't forget your little coats!”—Sarah Pitre via

Summer of 1982: Sing-Along
Alamo Ritz 9:45pm

“This summer, the Alamo is revisiting the summer of 1982 by re-releasing 35mm prints of each blockbuster hit from that banner year on the 30th anniversary of their initial release. That program drew our attention to that summer and we realized that there's no way the Action Pack could be left out of celebrating the pop music that people were listening to on their way to the theater back then. We're putting together a collection of 25 of the best hits from 1982 so after you watch Tron, The Road Warrior, or the Wrath of Khan you can continue the '82 madness by singing and dancing along to Olivia Newton John's ‘Physical,’ Survivor's ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ the J. Geils Band's ‘Centerfold,’ and maybe even some slow '82 jams like ‘Ebony and Ivory’ and Toto's ‘Rosanna.’ 1982 is taking over the Alamo this summer, and this show is guaranteed to make sure you get the songs of the day stuck in your head all over again.”—

Alamo Survivor’s Tip: Given the plethora of quotable lines in Tommy Boy, this week’s quote-along is not to be missed. So pick yourself up by the shnikes, grab your little coat, and drive on over…even if your car has been destroyed by a not-so-dead deer in your backseat.

Friday June 15th

Alamo Kid’s Camp: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Alamo Village (thru 6/21) Check Daily Times

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is the most delicious movie since macaroni met cheese. Inspired by the beloved children's book, the film focuses on a town where food falls from the sky like rain. All Alamo Kids' Camp Series screenings are free!! Seating is first come, first served.”—

Alamo Kid’s Camp: How to Train Your Dragon
Alamo Slaughter Lane (thru 6/21) 10:30am

“Meet Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, heir of the Viking chiefdom, but a boy with one very big problem: a hero he is not. How to Train Your Dragon is the riotous story of Hiccup's quest to hunt down the fiercest dragon, bring it into submission, and-hopefully-pass his initiation. Instead, he ends up with the smallest, most ornery dragon - it's even toothless! Thus begins the hijinx of the world's most lovable, unlikely hero and a most reluctant ‘beast.’ Packed with energetic drawings and plenty of action, this boisterous tale is just right for fantasy fans or anyone with a spirit of adventure. Based on the book by Cressida Cowell.”—

Alamo Kid’s Camp: Corpse Bride
Alamo South Lamar (thru 6/21) 10:45am

“When an arranged marriage between Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot reaches the rehearsals, Victor starts to worry. Spending time alone in the forest, Victor decides to practice on his own. Everything seems to go well, until he accidentally puts the ring upon the hand of a corpse. Before he knows it, Victor is in the land of dead and now has a corpse bride. Whilst everyones worries about who Victoria will marry in the land of the living, Victor desperately finds a way to get back.”—

The Late Show: Galaxy Quest
Alamo Ritz (thru 6/16) 11:00pm

“Yes, it’s hard to believe that the guy who grunted his way to stardom with his manly man schtick on the inane sitcom Home Improvement could be in any movie worth recommending… but for those who aren't already fans, it's true, Galaxy Quest utterly rules. It's a loving, thoroughly clever sendup to cult sci-fi shows like Star Trek and the phenomenon of fandom itself. It also sports an insanely awesome ensemble cast -- Sigourney Weaver AND Alan Rickman AND Tony Shaloub AND Sam Rockwell AND yes, Tim Allen as a spot on mucho macho starship captain -- all starring as the cast of a once-popular Trek-esque TV show who are all pretty much thoroughly washed up, reduced to store openings and fan conventions. That is until an actual alien race who took the long-running show as ‘historical documents’ beam up the ragtag crew and ask their ‘heroes’ to help save their home planet. Watch out, Mr. Red Shirt… Bonus: creatures and FX by the legendary Stan Winston.”—  

Alamo Survivor’s Tip: Galaxy Guest gets a bad rep for some reason, but it’s an incredibly smart parody of everything we love about Star Trek: TOS. The gag about Sam Rockwell playing a redshirt character with no name is priceless.

Saturday June 16th

Broadway Brunch: An American in Paris
Alamo Ritz (thru 6/17) 1:00pm

“A GI (Gene Kelly) stays in Paris after the war to become an artist, and has to choose between the patronage of a rich American woman (Nina Foch) and a French gamine (Leslie Caron) engaged to an older man. The plot is mostly an excuse for director Vincente Minnelli to pool his own extraordinary talent with those of choreographer-dancer-actor Kelly and the artists behind the screenplay, art direction, cinematography, and score, creating a rapturous musical not quite like anything else in cinema. The final section of the film comprises a 17-minute dance sequence that took a month to film and is breathtaking. An American in Paris won 6 Academy Awards in 1952, including Best Screenplay and Best Picture.”—

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Alamo Village 11:55pm

Thrill to all the cheap laughs, cheap women, and cheap production values of one of the world’s premier bad movies. Watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show in-and-of-itself is an event, but it takes on a whole new life when witnessed within the walls of The Alamo Village with loads of audience participation, dressed-up patrons, and general wickedness that has become a vital component to the film’s meteoritic rise to cult film legend. 


Sunday June 17th

Hecklevision: FEAR
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm

“They just don't make high school thrillers like this anymore. There was a moment in the '90s before things turned hyper violent and awful when high school thrillers were both terrifying and amusing. This is less Prom Night remake and more The Crush and Swimfan. If you haven't had the privilege of seeing this Mark Wahlberg suspence classic, you've missed out on what Oscar votes couldn't see...acting in it's purest form. And when we find a Wahlberg role on caliber or greater than his turn in The Happening, you know it's time to charge up our phones, upgrade to the unlimited texting plan and prepare ourselves for FEAR in HECKLEVISION. Where we will be live-streaming all your texted heckles up on the screen right alongside the feature.”—Greg MacLennan via

Video Hate Squad: The Crime Killer
Alamo Ritz 10:00pm

“A vanity project for writer/director/star/dud George Pan-Andreas, a middle-aged, very Greek TV actor with delusions of marketability. The opening credits provide an immediate overdose of entertainment, as a naked marble sculpture fires lasers out of its eyes at images of crumbling coliseums. Once the story of hard-hitting lawman Zeus (guess who) kicks in, it’s a rollicking, unintentional parody of ‘80s cop dramas, with dying partners, blustery chiefs, revoked badges, silk-suited crime lords and every other component one could conceivably swipe from the assembly block. To Pan-Andreas’ credit, the ESL-level dialogue is subtly unique. Women play topless tennis, turbaned oil sheiks call each other ‘comrade’ in Russian accents, and top-ranking underworld officials perform kung fu torture on their own gardeners. Then things get REALLY wild. We give a sincere salute to the penniless Hollywood producers who gave would-be auteur Pan-Andreas the chance to buy his way into straight-to-video obscurity. Take a walk down Fag Lane with the Video Hate Squad for our most memorable screening yet!!!”—Zack Carlson via


Monday June 18th


Film Foundation Series: The Night of the Hunter
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm

“This film is the reason movies exist; a supremely balanced Southern gothic fairytale of helplessness, homicide, hope and horror. Robert Mitchum channels the Devil himself as a rabid so-called preacher on the bloodthirsty trail of two young children. With money and murder on his fevered mind, he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants, and his berserk transformation into one of Hollywood’s all-time greatest villains is both dazzling and terrifying to behold. This film is woven from the dark tendrils of toddlers’ nightmares, and to see it on the big screen is quite truly like no other experience in the world. Night of the Hunter was the first and final directorial effort from brilliant stage/screen actor Charles Laughton, because once you’ve accomplished perfection, what could you possibly do next?”—Zack Carlson via

AFF Presents: Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters
Alamo Village 7:00pm

“When it comes to Tetris, we've all spent time rotating the pieces, dropping them in place and despairing over that square block that just won't fit. But what about the people who've truly mastered Tetris? Great champions who've dedicated their minds to solving these intricate puzzles? Ecstasy of Order follows a group of record-holding Tetris players as they prepare to compete in the 2010 Classic Tetris World Championship. The film gives us an intimate look at the Masters as they reveal their secrets, recount their obsessions with the game, and take us to the transcendental state required to reach the highest level, known as the 'Ecstasy of Order.’”—

The Big Lebowski Quote-Along
Alamo South Lamar 9:45pm

If you love the Cohen Brothers’ tribute to shiftless losers with mad bowling skills and penchants for Creedence Clearwater Revival, this is the place to be. All your favorite one-liners from The Dude will flash across the screen to prompt your collective vocal worship of this masterful comedy.

Music Monday: Mystery Train
Alamo Ritz 10:30pm

“Man, it'd be so cool to have Jim Jarmusch's life. You'd get that awesome white-before-your-time, impeccably high pompadour. You'd get to go around smoking cigarettes and occasionally playing in bands -- you know, just when you feel like it. You'd be into everything way before it was hip. And every five years or so to make your "living" you'd get to make a hyper-cool movie with all the awesome actors and musicians you know, like this hyper-cool indie gem that follows three sets of intersecting stories of those adrift in Memphis, Tennessee. It's a tribute to the city that's home to Stax, Sun Studio, Graceland, and The King himself, Elvis Presley, all done in high Jarmusch-ian style: witty, laconic, and beautifully shot (thanks to cinematographer Robby Müller), and featuring a veritable roundup of cool-ass musician types like the Clash's Joe Strummer, the late-great Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and even Tom Waits as an unseen disc jockey.”—

Alamo Survivor’s Tip: If you haven’t seen The Night of the Hunter, you’ve been depriving yourself of one of the most terrifying and artfully dark movies of all time. This is probably the movie in the Film Foundation series for which I am most excited. Kill whoever you have to, just don’t miss this screening.

Tuesday June 19th

Girlie Night: 10 Things I Hate About You
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm

“Sure, he made a totally creepy Joker, but in my mind, Heath Ledger's greatest cinematic legacy will always be 10 Things I Hate About You. Following in the grand tradition of teen adaptations of classic stories, this film is so awesome, Shakespeare himself would've written a sonnet about it (and then, of course, married Mandella post haste). Let's start with Ledger's Patrick Verona, the ultimate Bad Boy With a Heart of Gold (TM). And then there's Kat Stratford, a totally fierce heroine who kicks the shizz out of girls on the soccer field and even flashes a teacher during a detention break cos she is THAT HARDCORE. Not only is the swoon factor in this movie super high (who knew paintball could be sexy?), but the supporting cast is full of my favorite high school cliches, from the nerdy A/V guy to the high school guidance counselor/romance novelist, played by the peerless Allison Janney. Allison, thanks to you, I will never look at a bratwurst without blushing. Anyway! I hope you'll join me in celebrating Heath Ledger's masterpiece of film (Brokeback who?) as we cheer on Cameron, roll our eyes at Bianca and, of course, sing along to ‘Can't Take My Eyes Off of You,’ the most romantic bleacher serenade EVER.”—Sarah Pitre via

AFS Essential Cinema: Del Amor Y Ostros Demonios (Of Love and Other Demons)
Alamo South Lamar 7:00pm

“A beautiful young girl with bewitching, copper-colored hair is thought to be diabolically possessed when she survives the bite of a rapid dog in a South American seaport where her parents are among a dissolute aristocracy. Raised by her Yoruba caretakers, 13-year-old Sierva María knows about herbs and chants but is no agent of Satan. Nonetheless, unaffected by the French Rationalist movement, the Catholic Church imprisons the girl in a convent where she will have the devil ‘removed.’ Sent to be her confessor and exorcist, Father Cayetano, an occasional student of Rationalist philosophy, inevitably falls in love with the girl and tries to find a way to help her out of this dilemma created by an ignorant Church hierarchy. Costa Rican filmmaker Hilda Hidalgo has created a deliberately paced, formally beautiful recreation of an era and a mindset still beleaguered by demons and irrational explanations for phenomena. Based on the 1994 novel by Gabriel García Márquez.”—

Master Pancake Mystery Preview
Alamo Village 7:00pm

“We can't tell you what movie we'll be mocking.  And we won't be finished writing it.  But for the ridiculous price of $3, how can you resist?  Here's what we can tell you: we'll be mocking a movie that we're working on for our upcoming schedule.  We've written a lot of jokes for it, but we haven't written them all.  And we want you to help us figure out what works, what doesn't, and maybe inspire us to come up with some new ones.  You'll get to see a Master Pancake show for cheap, before anybody else gets to.  So what if it's not finished yet?  This is sure to be a fun time.”

Terror Tuesday: Necropolis: City of the Dead
Alamo Ritz 10:00pm

“New Amsterdam: 1686. An albino woman in black spandex achieves eternal life by doing aerobics in front of a pentagram. 300 years later, she rips through the streets of Manhattan atop a red motorcycle; her spiked platinum hair and studded gauntlets whistling in the wind as she hunts for The Devil’s Ring. After failing to entrap a Catholic priest, she retires to her apartment to try out some seductive new wave dance moves. The pasty witch telepathically enters a teenage boy and makes him say a swear word. Eventually, she calls a congregation of her undead followers and grows four extra nipples to feed them family-style. It’s moments like this that make a not-necessarily-spectacular cinematic mess grind its stiletto heels into your memory. Lead actress LeeAnne Baker displays false breasts but real conviction. While researching for this write-up, I was surprised/depressed to learn that I’d accidentally seen all seven titles in her filmography. Whoops.”—Zack Carlson via

Summer of 1982: Escape 2000
Alamo Village 10:00pm

“Legendary action director and world-class blower-upper Brian Trenchard-Smith brings you a dark portrait of the future. In the year 1995, everything will fall apart. We'll be herded into re-education camps and forced to wear yellow jumpsuits. Occasionally we'll be turned loose and hunted down by the privileged rich and their completely inexplicable dog-man henchman. Fortunately we'll get some guns and completely blast the shit out of everybody and everyone. Director Trenchard-Smith was promised a large budget with many extras and top-flight sets and special effects but at the last minute the production lost funding and he was forced to improvise. Fortunately he was more than up to the task and if Escape 2000 lacks professional polish, it more than makes up for it in pace, excitement and blood.  Aka Turkey Shoot & Blood Camp Thatcher.”—Lars Nilsen via

Wednesday June 20th

Summer of 1982: E.T.
Alamo Ritz 7:30pm

Summer of 1982: Weird Wednesday: The Sword and the Sorcerer
Alamo Ritz 10:00pm

“We've had movies based on TV shows and video games by the dozens. Finally, here is a movie based on an airbrush painting from the side of a custom van. It's pretty much exactly what you would expect it to be - a very cheap ripoff of Conan the Barbarian -  but it somehow manages to cram five times as much pure fun into its brief runtime. The muscleman (Lee Horsley) isn't exactly all that muscular, but he does have an incredible two-bladed magic sword that saves the day from the dark king and his evil wizard (played by Richard Moll of Night Court). It's a really silly, undeniably hilarious movie that absolutely succeeds. One of the perfect summer movies.”—Lars Nilsen via


            West Oaks          

Only at the Alamo: Anime
6/19 7:30pm

The Alamo Drafthouse provides a welcome haven for fans of Japanese animation. Samurai swords must unfortunately be checked at the door.

            Hecklevision: FEAR
            6/20 7:30pm


            Mason Park       

Alamo Kid’s Camp: Despicable Me
6/18 (thru 6/22) 11:00am
“Gru, voiced by the always funny Steve Carell, is one of the world’s great super-villains…or at least he tries to be. These days his intricate evil plans, executed by his team of tiny yellow minions and his aging scientist partner, Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand), come up short. But now Gru has crafted his most diabolic scheme: steal the moon! In order to do this he must steal a shrink ray from up-and-coming super-villian Vector (Jason Segal). After being pestered at his home by three orphans selling cookies he hatches a plan to adopt the girls and use their cookie-selling guise to infiltrate Vector’s base and obtain the shrink ray.”—

Weird Wednesday: Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde
6/20 10:00pm

“’A screamin’ demon rages inside, turnin’ him into Mister Hyde. Don’t give him no sass or he’ll kick yo’ ass!’ Sound advice from the original ads for this schizoid blacksploitation shockbomb. The great Bernie Casey plays gold-hearted Dr. Henry Pride, who’s self-testing a serum to potentially save thousands of lives. The only side effect is that it turns him into an albino fiend with a sweet tooth for prostitute cutlets. No biggie, except when our hooker-hunting hero runs afoul of Silky the Pimp and his crew. Soon the dichotomous doc unleashes an unstoppable frenzy of flour-faced murder and mayhem. Investigating officer Jackson was played by Ji-Tu Cumbuka, whose name actually translates to ‘Giant Man’ in his native Swahili. Violent and played for genuine terror, DR. BLACK… was director William Crain’s follow-up to the groundbreaking Blacula, but this one maintains a level of high end nobility you just don’t find in most wee-budget ‘70s horror. And not just because Bernie Casey cruises the mean streets in a tricked-out Rolls Royce.”—Zack Carlson via


San Antonio



Blood Thirsty Thursday: Night of the Creeps
6/14 7:30pm; 10:30pm

“In 1959, an alien experiment crashes to earth and infects a fraternity member. They freeze the body, but in the modern day, two geeks pledging a fraternity accidentally thaw the corpse, which proceeds to infect the campus with parasites that transform their hosts into killer zombies. Night of the Creeps is a pitch-perfect blend of '50s science fiction films, '80s slasher movies and ZOMBIES!!! You've got alien slugs, undead axe murderers and Tom Atkins perpetually asking people to thrill him. What else do you need in a horror movie? When a school dance is interrupted by undead, parasite-possessed aliens, it's up to an unlikely team of misfits to save the day!”— 

Air Force Sergeants Benefit: Madagascar 3
6/18 6:30pm

“Join us for a family fun night hosted by The Air Force Sergeants Association. The Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA) is a non-profit organization representing the professional and personal interests of nearly 111,000 active, retired and veteran enlisted members of the United States Air Force and their families.”—

Only at the Alamo: Anime
6/18 7:30pm


Park North

Afternoon Tea: Gosford Park
6/16 Noon

“Need a cure for Downton Abbey withdrawal? Look no further than Afternoon Tea’s presentation of Gosford Park, when you can get your fix of ridiculously wealthy people, servant politics, fancy estates, polite intrigue and, most importantly, some Maggie Smith sass. Set in 1932, Robert Altman’s gorgeous murder mystery is packed with the classiest actors in Hollywood, from the dead sexy Clive Owen to the elegant Kristin Scott Thomas, and the plot is just as juicy as the British treats you’ll be enjoying along with three courses of tea. Sip and nibble your way through this richly clever whodunit as scandalous secrets from upstairs and downstairs are revealed. Everyone is a suspect, and their motives form an extravagant web that will keep you happily trapped for the afternoon. Bring your appetite and your best detective skills, and see if you can beat the bumbling Inspector Thompson (Stephen Fry) to the truth. Hint: You probably can.”—Sarah Pitre via

Girlie Night: 10 Things I Hate About You
6/19 7:00pm

Stone Oak

Only at the Alamo: Heathers
6/14 7:30pm

“Before there was Jawbreaker or Mean Girls, there was Heathers. This 80's version of the popular-school-girls-bullying-everyone-else comedy is a tad darker than what we've become accustomed to today. In a high school in Ohio, the Heathers is the most exclusive clique. Together they ensure that anyone who doesn't meet their standards is publicly humiliated. When a Heathers member (Winona Ryder) begins to pull away from the group and meets the new rebel guy in school (Christian Slater), the pair set out to avenge the victims of the group. Soon many of the more popular kids in school start showing up dead from alleged suicides.”—

Free Family Fun: Happy Feet
6/16 11:00am; 2:00pm

“Mumble (Elijah Wood) the penguin, now called the Master of Tap, has an unusual problem: Erik, his son, is reluctant to dance. Erik runs away from home and encounters the Mighty Sven (Hank Azaria) -- a penguin who can fly. Poor Mumble can't compete with Erik's unusual new role model. But, when the world is shaken by powerful forces, Erik gets a chance to see his father's true colors as Mumble gathers all creatures great and small to set things right again.”—

Action Pack: Bad Boys 2
6/17 7:00pm

“There are the Michael Bay detractors out there, and then there are the people who know what they are talking about. Bad Boys II is what happens when an amazing '90s director has lost his way, then decides he needs to find his footing in a major capacity. And how does one do that? You recruit the likes of Big Willie Style and Martin ‘I Like It When You Call Me Big Momma’ Lawrence and rekindle the magical fire of the buddy copy movie you once made, but turning the INSANE DESTRUCTO meter to 11. And with that The Action Pack is supremely proud to present to you the majesty that is Bad Boys II, complete with LIVE in-theater explosives and cap guns for all to shoot-along to the ridiculous amount of gun fire on screen. IF you can find a more exciting event than this, you are probably signed up to be set on fire before being thrown out of a plane and diving into a pool full of boobs. And by all means, if you are doing that I understand if you miss this event, but if you're excuse is ANYTHING are a fool. We ride together, we die together. Bad boys for life.”—Greg MacLennan via

Zzang!!!: Rocky IV
6/19 7:00pm; 9:45pm

“In anticipation of the 4th of July holiday, Zzang!!! is proud to provide all you good Americans with the most American movie in the history of America! In his fourth and most momentous screen adventure, wee punchin’ machine Rocky Balboa shakes the foundations of the nation when he goes toe-to-iron boot with Drago (Dolph Lundgren), a Russian Frankenstein who looks like he uses Italians as dental floss. But our hero remains undaunted, diving fearlessly into a montage barrage that’ll rattle you like a boxing glove fulla borscht. Join Rocky’s pals Carl Weathers, Burt Young and James Brown (!) ringside to see their main man get the holy bejeezus beaten outta him by the biggest damn commie you’ll ever lay your eyes on. This movie is so red-white-n-black-n-blue that its aftershocks directly resulted in the dissolution of Soviet Russia just six years later! That’s strength! That’s power!! That’s AMERICA!!! ZZANG!!!”—


Winchester, VA

Hecklevision: Popular Outcasts Present Worst Movie Ever
6/14 9:00pm

“This movie has it all: A robot alien. Angst-ridden teens. Cleavage-wielding soul takers. A dark overlord. A pregnant 14-year-old cougar. Macho scientists. Santa Claus. And musical numbers! And for one show only at the Alamo, it has live appearances and commentary from director Glenn Berggoetz and comedy troupe The Popular Outcasts! Even better, the film will be presented in HeckleVision, which means you can comment along by texting directly to the screen! It’s going to be an epic night of comedy. Visit to watch the trailer and download the soundtrack for free!”—

Summer of 1982: E.T.
6/15 (thru 6/16) 11:00am; 5:30pm

Summer of 1982: E.T.
6/17 Noon

Afternoon Tea: Gosford Park
6/17 1:00pm

Alamo Kid’s Camp: Flushed Away
6/18-6/21 11:00am

“In this comedy set on and beneath the streets of London, Roddy St. James (Hugh Jackman) is a pampered pet mouse who thinks he's got it made. But when a sewer rat named Sid (Shane Richie) – the definition of ‘low life’ -- comes spewing out of the sink and decides it's his turn to enjoy the lap of luxury, Roddy schemes to rid himself of the pest by luring him into the loo for a dip in the ‘whirlpool.’ Roddy's plan backfires when he inadvertently winds up being the one flushed away into the bustling world down below. Underground, Roddy discovers a vast metropolis, where he meets Rita (Kate Winslet), a street-wise rat who is on a mission of her own. If Roddy is going to get home, he and Rita will need to escape the clutches of the villainous Toad (Sir Ian McKellen), who royally despises all rodents and has dispatched two hapless henchrats, Spike (Andy Serkis) and Whitey (Bill Nighy), as well as his cousin -- that dreaded mercenary, Le Frog (Jean Reno) – to see that Roddy and Rita are iced ... literally.”—

Summer of 1982: E.T.
6/18 6:00pm

Girlie Night: 10 Things I Hate About You
6/20 7:00pm

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