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Alamo Drafthouse Guide (4/5-4/11): Belt Out '80s Anthems with 'Cool Hand Luke' at a 'Cabin in the Woods'

The Alamo Drafthouse has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the greatest movie theaters in the history of mankind…or at least the history of movie theaters. With their signature events, ample food and drink selection, and strict no-talking policy, they make obsolete all tawdry multiplexes and completely redefine the movie-going experience. Here’s what they’re up to this week!

Thursday April 5th

The Labyrinth Quote-Along

Alamo Ritz 7:00pm

“Come on people – do I really need to say anything more than that to convince you that this LABYRINTH SING & QUOTE-ALONG is not to be missed, no matter what the goblins tell you they’re going to do to your little brother? David Bowie, Jim Henson, and Jennifer Connely created an unsurpassed work of young adult cinema in the 1980s, and somehow it’s never been properly celebrated until now. We’ll have subtitles on the screen for all of our favorite lines and every single song, so the whole crowd can yell them all out in unison. We’ll also have an assortment of goodies in your prop bag, including bubbles to transport us to the magical land of Sarah’s dreamy ball, balloons to pop around the theater while we sing the fireys’ song, and best of all – Whoopee Cushions to fart along with the Bog of Eternal Stench. Smells bad!! Suffice to say, if you miss this show, you most definitely have no power over me. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!”—Henri Mazza via

The Best of Drugs w/Owen

Alamo Lake Creek 7:00pm

“The BEST OF! series continues! Get a contact high from some of the most bizarre educational and scare films of all time! Learn how marijuana transforms the kindest person into a blood thirsty, skull-smashing maniac, see how turtlenecks and biker boots are the gateway to heroin addiction, wonder at why anti-LCD films offer some of the trippiest, coolest moments celluloid history! From such black-and-white treasures as Reefer Madness and Marijuana Girl to the sincere PSAs of the 1980's featuring Pee Wee Herman, Clint Eastwood and McGruff the Crime Dog all the way to haunting neo-classic anti-meth videos of today, you'll experience the horrors, wonders and animated joys of drug education and exploitation! Owen Egerton is you guide for an evening full of comedy, live music from Southpaw Jones, and surprise guests”—

Mondo Presents: The Cabin in the Woods

Alamo Slaughter Lane 7:30pm

“Mondo proudly presents an advanced screening of the new film by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, The Cabin in the Woods. This will be the first time Mondo has hosted a screening at the brand new Alamo Slaughter Lane location, and ticket holders for this screening will receive a Mondo poster created by Phantom City Creative to commemorate the event. Anything else we could say about the film, besides it being great, would be a MAJOR spoiler, so how about we just see you at the screening, okay? Note: Posters are one per person, and you must be at the screening in order to receive a poster.”—

80s Movie Anthems Sing-Along

Alamo Ritz 10:00pm

“The '80s were a great decade for music; more specifically, the marriage of music and movies never seemed more right. '80s movies changed our lives one montage at a time. Whether it was Kevin Bacon cutting loose to some Kenny Loggins or Rocky pumping up to beat Drago with ‘Hearts on Fire’ blaring, this music invoked so much emotion out of their downright ridiculous lyrics and synth-pop beats that we couldn't help but feel invigorated. And invigorated we were. We were so jazzed up that we're assembling all of our favorite movie songs and clips to play back-to-back-to-back in what can only be deemed an inspirational overload. Seriously, this music makes you feel like you can climb a mountain and knock out Bigfoot with one triumphant fisticuff to the air. We'll be holding out for a hero as we lament about our 9-to-5, and then we can all take to the aisles as we dance magic dance. So, throw on your favorite '80s gear, grab a tambourine, and prepare to sweat because that's the power....that's the power of love!”—Greg MacLennan via

Alamo Survivor’s Tip: If there is one thing the 80s did well, which is ridiculous because there were 10,000 things the 80s did well, it was movie anthems. If you count yourself more a movie fan than a music lover, and thus have been avoiding the sing-alongs in the past, this event represents the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet…as well as loose.

Friday April 6th

Studio Ghibli Retrospective: My Neighbors The Yamadas

Alamo Ritz (thru 4/12) Check Daily Times

“This rarely-seen gem is a considerable departure for Studio Ghibli in terms of both style and story: not only does this gently humorous domestic comedy eschew the wild flights of imagination of Miyazaki's fantasies or the historical gravity of director Isao Takahata's acclaimed Grave of the Fireflies, but its comic strip-style animation (distinctly different from the traditional Ghibli style) was also created entirely on computers, making it the first Ghibli film to be made without traditional hand-drawn animation. In a series of titled vignettes such as ‘A Family Crisis,’ ‘Marriage Yamada-Style’ and ‘Patriarchal Supremecy Restored,’ Takahata takes us into the daily lives of the Yamada family, which includes father Takashi and mother Matsuko, four-year-old daughter Nonoko, annoying older brother (is there any other kind?) Noboru, wise Grandma Shige, and family dog Pochi. Interweaving the family's everyday life lessons with whimsical fantasy sequences, My Neighbors the Yamadas is a delightfully offbeat example of Ghibli's focus on the intricacies of human relationships and the intersections of past and present.”—TIFF via

Master Pancake: Sex & The City

Alamo Ritz (thru 4/7) 7:00pm; 10:00pm

“Break out the cosmos and start reading Cosmo because we're finally going to rip apart one of the most requested Pancake movies ever: Sex and the City (2008)! Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, the film follows the tribulations of our four heroines: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Each of the 4 ladies represents a different personality type: promiscuous, easy, trampy, and brothel-ready. To round out the cast and make it feel less WASPy, the director has given a small role to Jennifer Hudson, fresh from her 7th place finish on American Idol and still rocking a perm! For those of you who never thought you'd be interested in seeing this movie (I'm looking at you heterosexual men) think of it as Ghostbusters for women. The four main characters wear ridiculous outfits, romp around NYC, and are always getting slimed. For those of you who love this movie, it's an excuse to see it all over again, but with special humorous Pancake commentary added. Whatever your reason for coming, Master Pancake will turn this into a hysterical night you won't forget.”—John Erler via

The Late Show: Fire Walk with Me

Alamo Ritz 11:30pm

“With the mainstream success of David Lynch's Twin Peaks on television it would have seemed that a feature-length film based on the series should have been a slam-dunk success. Instead, Fire Walk with Me was despised when it came out. Seriously. Met with boos at its Cannes premiere. A commercial flop at the box office. Derided as a some sort of coked up paranoid fever dream by critics. But, now two decades later, the critical tune has changed. Fire Walk with Me, a kind of prequel to the series, is now regarded as one of Lynch's best films -- a masterpiece alongside Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive. That's not to say it isn't a coked up fever dream; it's just a really, really good one that gets to the heart of the Twin Peaks story and vibe, complementing the show (which had actually long since fizzled out by the film's release) and stands up on its own even if you have no interest in watching the full series (but why would you be lame like that?).  BE WARNED THOUGH: If you do plan on watching the series, see it first; this film contains one helluva of a spoiler.”—

Saturday April 7th

The Late Show: Fire Walk with Me

Alamo Ritz 11:20pm

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Alamo Village 11:55pm

Thrill to all the cheap laughs, cheap women, and cheap production values of one of the world’s premier bad movies. Watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show in-and-of-itself is an event, but it takes on a whole new life when witnessed within the walls of The Alamo Village with loads of audience participation, dressed-up patrons, and general wickedness that has become a vital component to the film’s meteoritic rise to cult film legend. 

Sunday April 8th

TV at the Alamo: AMC’s Mad Men

Alamo Slaughter Lane 10:00pm; Alamo Ritz 9:45pm; Alamo Lake Creek 9:00pm

“We've been hooked on AMC's award-winning drama from the opening beats of the opening credits of the very first episode, and we've never looked back. The '60s style, the talk about marketing in a time when advertising was really just coming into its own, and of course Don Draper himself just keep everyone coming back for more and more. Of course, for us it's the fantasy world of drinking and smoking and taking naps in the morning, then going for a martini and oyster lunch, then smacking around Pete Campbell and calling it a workday that makes the world of Don Draper such an enticing one. For this season of Mad Men, we'll be showing two episodes back to back, the first will be the previous weeks episode, and the second will be the new episode. Then we'll skip all the commercials and delight in Draper's wit and debauchery.”—

Monday April 9th

Big Screen Classics: Cool Hand Luke

Alamo Lake Creek (thru 4/12) 7:00pm

“Most Hollywood movies about anti-authority figures often lack authenticity because, well, they're from Hollywood, but Cool Hand Luke is the real thing because Newman was the real thing, a guy who gladly and purposefully did things his own way, even at the risk of his career. It became one of his defining features and one of the things that endeared him to audiences, especially when Luke was released in 1967, and it holds up today as a testament to not only a great actor and humanitarian, but also as a terrific piece of entertainment. It's the one we'll always remember him by. HARD BOILED EGG EATING CONTEST BEFORE THE MOVIE!”—Matt Kiernan via

AGFA Presents Secret Classic Giallo Screening

Alamo South Lamar 10:00pm

“Join us for a special open-to-the-public inspection screening of a rare Italian crime/giallo thriller from the collection of our friend and comrade Eric Vespe. We can't tell you the title, but we will tell you it's pretty obscure and it looks fantastic. This screening is absolutely free, but be advised that premieres/finales usually fill up quickly! To reserve your seat, you can purchase a $5 food/drink voucher in advance!”—

Music Monday: Singles

Alamo Ritz 10:10pm

“Beware, thirtysomethings and up: Grunge is coming back. Has been on its way back for a while now. Why, just look at the Doc Martens and flannel shirts out there on the streets for proof. And boy, that old Eddie Vedder just killed it in his Portlandia cameo this year… You can't fight the return of the '90s; you can only embrace it. And if we are to embrace it and to fully educate the younger generations about the decade, then there is no better place to start than this pop culture time capsule. Directed by Cameron Crowe (the same guy that gave the world Say Anything and, later, Almost Famous), Singles features a soundtrack that was the CD to have in your collection back in the '90s -- Pearl Jam! Soundgarden! Screaming Trees! And Alice in Chains even have a cameo performance in the film!  And speaking of cameos, you probably forgot that Eddie Vedder himself shows up, as well as Bill Pullman, Paul Giamatti, and Jeremy Piven. The film is also possibly the most influential rom-com ever, inspiring a generation of kids to move to Seattle and/or to hang out in coffeeshops looking for love. So stop living just a so-called life, and dust off your Docs, run some Manic Panic through your hair, be sure to tie a flannel around your waist, and come re-live the decade of grunge with us.”—

Alamo Survivor’s Tip: Mr. Eric Vespe is one of most passionate private collectors of 35mm prints in Austin. There have been more than a few instances wherein the Drafthouse has hosted a retro screenings and used a print from Vespe’s collection to do so. Therefore a mystery screening of one of his latest acquisitions is a fantastic treat. Do not miss out.

Tuesday April 10th

 AFS Essential Cinema: Fuse (Gori Vatra)

Alamo South Lamar 7:00pm

"US President Bill Clinton is scheduled to visit a small Bosnian town to survey the results of peace between Serbia and Bosnia, but first the townspeople need to clean up some ‘minor’ problems in this deliciously dark comedy. Bosnian/Serbian/English with English subtitles”—

Terror Tuesday: Sleepaway Camp

Alamo Ritz 10:30pm

“People like you and me have no sex and watch a lot of horror films. I’ve truly seen more monster movies than I’ve eaten vegetables, and out of the thousands of slashers and trashers that I’ve ingested, Sleepaway Camp is absolutely, inarguably, unwaveringly The Very Best Horror Movie of All Time. This statement is made with absolutely no hyperbole or exaggeration. From the very first minute, it’s a deeply unholy avalanche of pre-teen profanity, pedophiliac inanity, and gut-ripping insanity. A relentlessly brilliant, perfectly balanced, extra chunky stew of humor and severe misanthropy, the shock ending of this mind-strangling wrecking ball of adolescent stab-lust will send you screaming to the grave! NOTE: If you reveal the closing scene to any first-time viewer before this screening, we will shake a beehive and then force it up your rear end live on stage. That’s a promise.”—Zack Carlson via

Alamo Survivor’s Tip: As horror classics go, the quality and merits of Sleepaway Camp may be debatable, but what is certain is that you MUST see this film in a theater with a crowd. The Alamo’s Terror Tuesday series affords you the rare opportunity to do just that, and in glorious 35mm. Miss this one at your own peril.

Wednesday April 11th

Sommelier Cinema: Breathless

Alamo Ritz 7:00pm

"Sommelier Cinema is going back to Paris this spring. Not the romantic, mythic Paris of Woody Allen but the crazed, romantic, glamorous, movie-obsessed Paris of Jean-Luc Godard. And we'll mix up our wines too, with bold juxtapositions and surprising young flavors. Our own wine and spirits master Bill Norris will present a matched selection of wines to complement Godard's new wave masterpiece. Join us as we appreciate the boundless cool of Belmondo, the icy perfection of Jean Seberg and the beauty of the Champs Elysées, Montparnasse and  St.-Germain.”—

Girlie Night: Say Anything

Alamo Village 7:00pm

“In the land of ‘80s crushes, amidst the Kirk Camerons and the Jake Ryans, one man stands alone. And that man (not a guy, a man!) is Lloyd Dobler. Sure, he might not have the preppy looks of Andrew McCarthy or the real genius of Val Kilmer, but Lloyd Dobler is special. He wears a trench coat! He drives a blue Chevy Malibu! He kickboxes, which everyone knows is the sport of the future! He's great with kids! He watches Cocoon with old people, for goodness sake! And, as if all of those amazing qualities weren’t enough, here's the kicker (literally!): he will always, without fail, protect you from broken glass on the street. In other words, Lloyd Dobler is perfect, and for April’s Girlie Night, we'll give him the celebration he deserves. Join me for a night of love, heartache and, of course, songs about Joe. Keys will be collected, and if you've got a boom box lying around, well... you know what to do.”—Sarah Pitre via

Weird Wednesday: Freeze Bomb

Alamo Ritz 11:00pm

“If you have a medical condition that makes it unwise for you to laugh your ass off for an hour and a half, then we urge you: PLEASE STAY HOME. Because Freeze Bomb could be your grim reaper. This Al Adamson Bond ripoff may well be the worst action movie ever made not starring a chimp, a midget or Lorenzo Lamas. Jim ‘Black Belt Jones’ Kelly and Myron Bruce Lee (Myron?) are the kung fu fighting heroes out to stop a supervillain named The Pig from developing the ‘freeze bomb’ which turns victims into ridiculous looking snowmen. Along the way Kelly and Lee have to deal with various double-dealers and scumbags who are also after the secret formula. With George Lazenby, Aldo Ray, Terry Moore, and Harold ‘Oddjob’ Sakata as The Pig. Oh yeah, there's a mean-ass snapping turtle too. If you miss this one you better have a doctor's note. For real.”—Lars Nilsen


           West Oaks

            Movies at Market Square Park

            4/6 8:00pm

“Spring is here and it is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors and watch a movie. For city dwellers who want to stay within the city limits and have a fun outdoor experience, Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow along with Houston's historic Market Square Park presents FREE Movies at Market Square Park. There is nothing quite like enjoying your favorite ‘quirky classics’ under the stars for free!  Bring your family, friends a few blankets and a picnic to enjoy a great movie under the stars! From now until July, enjoy a quirky classic outside at Market Square Park each month starting at 8 pm. This week: Muppets Take Manhattan.”—

             Only at the Alamo: Anime

            4/10 7:30pm

The Alamo Drafthouse provides a welcome haven for fans of Japanese animation. Samurai swords must unfortunately be checked at the door.

Action Pack: Lethal Weapon 2

4/11 7:30pm

“It's the same Murtaugh you know and love partnered with loose canon Martin Riggs, but this time they are paired up with a witness to protect, Mr. Leo Getz (Joe Pesci). The zingers and one-liners fly as fast as the bullets in this tale of international drug smuggling and DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY. There's action, interracial friendships, romance, toilet explosions and female nipples! If that's not reason enough to revisit this beauty in a theater, maybe this will tip your scales. We're loading up what can only be deemed an ‘unsafe’ amount of black powder into our pyrotechnic kits and preparing to blow things up LIVE in the theater along with the explosions on screen. ‘We're back, we're bad, you're black, I'm mad.’”—Greg MacLennan via

            Mason Park

80s Movie Anthems Sing-Alongs

4/5 7:30pm

Girlie Night: Say Anything

4/10 7:30pm

Only at the Alamo: Troma Wednesday

4/11 7:30pm

SGT. KABUKIMAN N.Y.P.D. — Rick Gianasi stars in this movie from directors Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, about a NYPD cop named Harry Griswald who is possessed with the spirit of a great Kabuki master. Now endowed with superpowers, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. must hone his powers in order to do battle with the ‘evil one’ headed to his city.”—

San Antonio


Caddyshack Quote-Along

4/5 7:00pm

"Man, I wish I'd worked at an amusement park, or a swimming pool, or a summer camp, or a country club for at least one summer during high school or college. I've never even liked golf all that much, but I think I would if I could have a summer like this. Not only would I get to hook up with the rich hot girl visiting from New York, but I'd get to be friends with Chevy Chase back when he was an endearing sarcastic blowhard, I'd get to hang out with Bill Murray and I'd get to win a college scholarship with the help of explosions! Come on! So maybe working at a real country club isn't like that at all, but it sure should be. Caddyshack shows us everything that an 80s movie can be, complete with the old windbag who doesn't like kids and the misfits who just want to have fun, the random shots of boobs when you least expect them, and, of course, quotable line after quotable line. So it's got that going for it, which is nice. And we'll make it even nicer by subtitling all of our favorite lines, bringing in special props (you'd totally eat a Baby Ruth from a pool right?), and start the whole shebang off with a bit of a putting competition.”—

Donnie Darko

4/8 7:00pm; 10:00pm

“Join us as we bask in the classic bunny thriller! A troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a large rabbit named Frank who manipulates him to commit a series of crimes, after narrowly escaping a bizarre accident. Featuring a tremendous performance from a young Jake Gyllenhaal as Donnie, as well as a turn by real-life sister Maggie as his onscreen sibling, Jena Malone as Donnie's angsty love interest, Patrick Swayze in an intensely creepy role and Drew Barrymore (who executive produced!) as a warm and understanding teacher, Donnie Darko is a modern classic, a dark time travel fairy tale that will stay with you long after the closing credits role. Don't make us doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion--see Donnie Darko at the Alamo!”—

Only at the Alamo: Anime

4/9 7:30pm

Zzang!!!: The Naked Gun

4/10 7:00pm; 9:45pm

“FACT: Leslie Nielsen was the all-time #1 supreme force of pure comedic hammin’. Unfortunately, he and the rest of the world didn’t realize it until 1980’s Airplane, when he was already 54 years old. From that point forward, the late, great, white-topped funnyman made up for lost time in a big way, slinging goofball gags at every opportunity. Here, he reprises his square-jawed everyman hero Lt. Frank Drebin from the hilarious but doomed Police Squad TV series. In a race against crime, he’ll alienate, embarrass and/or destroy every person, place and thing within 50 miles of downtown Los Angeles. You’ll also enjoy the wacky antics of a talented young actor named “O.J. Simpson.” The also-late, also-great Ricardo Montalban appears as the billionaire crime lord plotting to kill the queen of England. Priscilla Presley, George Kennedy and baseball icon Reggie Jackson round out the cast. But more importantly, Weird Al Yankovic is in it! ZZANG!!!”—

            Park North

Broadway Brunch: West Side Story

4/8 11:30am

“Whether you’re a Jet or a Shark, it’s always a good idea to start off your Sunday with mimosas, a tasty meal and a classic musical. Our new Broadway Brunch series continues with Academy Award-winning West Side Story, featuring the luminous Natalie Wood, the sassy Rita Moreno and the best gang dance sequence in the history of cinema. Based on the 1957 musical, this movie transplants the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet to the streets of Manhattan, where Maria and Tony fall in love despite the ongoing feud between their rival gangs. It’s a vibrant, emotionally dynamic film, and we’ll be serving up an equally compelling menu. Even if your mouth is full of tasty brunch business, you’ll still feel oh so pretty as you sing along to the spectacular music by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim. Broadway Brunch is definitely one of the reasons we like to be in America, and after the show, we guarantee you’ll be singing, ‘And suddenly I’ve found, how wonderful a brunch can beeee!’”—Sarah Pitre via

Only at the Alamo: Voice-Over/Sound on Tape

4/8 7:30pm

“Brett Mauser founded Ponderous Productions shortly after high school. It started off as the name he stuck in front of his movies he made with his friends throughout high school and college. But in 1997 Ponderous Productions became an official business in Denver, Colorado. Brett has always known he wanted to make motion pictures. He has worked in many aspects of video and film, ranging from master control operations to news writing and photography. He was production manager and master control operator for Denver Community Television for two years. He wrote, shot and edited news for the Waco ABC affiliate in 2000. In 2004, Brett worked for the Corpus Christi WB affiliate as Production Manager and has won many major awards for his work in motion picture production, music video productions and commercial production, including the Videographer Award, Addy and Telly Awards.. Brett's 2002 film, ‘The Knight Watchmen’ aired regionally on the ABC affiliate in Central Texas. In 2004, Ponderous Production hit video store shelves nationwide with ‘Barrio Angelz,’ quickly followed by ‘Cartel Killaz.’ A third film, ‘Shadow Dragon’ was sold to a new distributor. In 2010 Ponderous Productions returns to video store shelves nationwide with ‘Bass Reeves.’ To date, Brett Mauser and Ponderous Productions have completed over 50 music videos, 100 commercials, 30 short films and 28 feature length films.”—

Action Pack: The Ultimate Willy Wonka Party

4/9 7:00pm

“Come with me, and you'll be in a wooorld of pure imagination... and you'll also be in a theater with two of the original kids from the best version of Willy Wonka EVER! Join us in Houston, San Antonio and Austin this April as we welcome back Paris Themmen (Mike TeeVee) and Julie Dawn Cole (Veruca Salt) to the Alamo Drafthouse. We'll have a full Q&A after each screening, and everyone in attendance will receive an autographed poster with their ticket!”—  

Hecklevision: Mortal Kombat

4/11 7:00pm

“You know the game, you remember the platinum selling soundtrack and now prepare for ultimate battle of textual kombat as we present to you Mortal Kombat in HECKLEVISION. Join Rayden, Liu Kang and the rest of the gang as they battle for Earthrealm against the dreaded Shang Tsung and his deadly ninja assassins. Directed by the ever-talented Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil, Alien vs. Predator) and starring an all-star cast led by the pre-straight to video Christopher Lambert, Mortal Kombat gave us one of the first in a long line of terrible video game adaptations. And so we ask you to arm yourself with your wits and charge up your phones as we live stream all your texted heckles on the screen alongside the masterpiece that is Mortal Kombat.”—

Stone Oak

Caddyshack Quote-Alongs

4/8 4:00pm; 7:00pm

Girlie Night: Say Anything

4/10 7:00pm

Winchester, VA

Girlie Night: Say Anything

4/5 7:30pm

Broadway Brunch: West Side Story

4/8 1:00pm

Only at the Alamo: Easy Rider

4/9 7:00pm

“After selling a large amount of smuggled cocaine in Los Angeles, two counter culture bikers in the 60’s hide their cash in their motorcycle fuel tanks and head for New Orleans, Louisiana for Mardi Gras. On their road trip, they search for the meaning of American freedom.”—

Only at the Alamo: Raising Arizona

4/10 7:00pm

"To this day, this frantic screwball comedy remains one of the most re-watchable films there is.  RAISING ARIZONA was the very first film legally shown at the Alamo Drafthouse back in 1997 in downtown Austin and it is always a treat to see it back on the Drafthouse silver screen!”—  

Only at the Alamo: Devils Backbone

4/11 7:30pm

“This pain-ridden fairytale is alternately beautiful and brutal, and is easily one of the very best horror films of the last 20 years. Before helming Pan’s Labyrinth, writer/director del Toro established himself as cinema's leading visionary fantasist with this uniquely chilling, unforgettable masterwork. Now, over a decade letter, we're proud to bring it back to the big screen! The story follows a young boy interned in a boarding school in the ruins of the Spanish Civil War, but the bombers overhead are nowhere near as terrifying as the icy whispers from The One Who Sighs, the ghost of a child who haunts the grounds. Del Toro takes actual events and seamlessly weaves an epic in an entirely unique world of agony, fear, dedication and wrath. The tone is of a supernatural spaghetti western written by Roald Dahl, but del Toro's talents send this into the cinematic stratosphere.”— 

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