Alamo Drafthouse Guide (1/5-1/11): Be an 'Anchorman,' 'Escape from New York,' and Enjoy Some 'Cocktails'

 The Alamo Drafthouse has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the greatest movie theaters in the history of mankind…or at least the history of movie theaters. With their signature events, ample food and drink selection, and strict no-talking policy, they make obsolete all tawdry multiplexes and completely redefine the movie-going experience. Here’s what they’re up to this week!

 Thursday January 5th
The Anchorman Quote-Along
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm
“Ron Burgundy loves scotch. Brick Tamland loves lamp. Champ Kind loves fun. Brian Fantana thought he was in love with a Brazilian girl once...or a Chinese any rate, it was this girl, and he made out with her. These are the men of the Channel 4 News Team and they’re here to deliver... the news. If you’ve never been to an Anchorman Quote-Along, you’ve missed out on one of the most quote-able, drink-able, enjoyable nights of your life. As always we will have all of your favorite lines subtitled karaoke style for you to belt out as well as mustaches for all and a yazz flute for you to play along with Ron during his melodically intense seduction of Veronica Corningstone. Also we will have a harmonizing sing-along of Afternoon Delight and a drinking competition before the show.”—Greg MacLennan via
Best of Fests: Man on a Mission
“Last year Richard Garriott became the first son of an astronaut to go to space, but this is no millionaire’s joy ride, he pioneered private space travel to make his dream come true: from his training in Russia to his launch in Kazakhstan to the dramatic, never before seen footage inside the capsule during fiery re-entry, this is a historic moment in human space travel. Not just for space fans, this is a film that will inspire anyone who works tirelessly to make their dream come true.”—
Sing-Alongs: Under Pressure
Alamo Ritz 10:00pm
“Everyone has their favorite singers, but chances are you can name at least 5 other artists that sound just like them. We live in a cursed world where there will always be the empty catsuit of the 4 octave wonder that was Freddie Merucry. Thank God we still have David Bowie but there will be a giant pair of sparkled platformed boots that will lay vacant whenever he passes. No man will ever walk in their shoes again and it wasn't until our one-night only Queen Sing-Along this past December that we realized one-night wasn't enough and so we're reaching back into our Action Pack vaults, but this time we're pulling out all of our best David Bowie with our best Queen. So dress on up in whatever gender you feel you most identify with... or as the androgynous David Bowie and get ready to party like a rockstar. As always we'll have props galore as well as all the lyrics to your favorite glam rockers up on the screen for your singing pleasure.”—Greg MacLennan via
Alamo Survivor’s Tip: Freddie Mercury is quite possibly the greatest rock frontman who ever lived and the songs of Queen are more belt-able than anything since. This is definitely a Sing-Along not to be missed.
Friday January 6th
The Big Lebowski Quote-Along
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm; 1/7 6:00pm
If you love the Cohen Brothers’ tribute to shiftless losers with mad bowling skills and penchants for Creedence Clearwater Revival, this is the place to be. All your favorite one-liners from The Dude will flash across the screen to prompt your collective vocal worship of this masterful comedy.
Cocktail with Cocktails by Bill Norris
Alamo Ritz (thru 1/7) 10:00pm
“The Alamo was lucky to get a hold of Austin Chronicle's ‘Best Mixologist’ winner Bill Norris, and at the very moment I learned Bill was hired on to the Alamo team I asked if we could have a screening of Cocktail with signature cocktails. I didn't know a lot about Bill when I asked and as I've gotten to know him and taste his concoctions since his hiring all I can say is this: This man knows how to make drinks. He's mixed alcohols that I previously thought I hated and made me love them. TRUST THIS MAN. Anyways Bill said yes, we got a 35mm print of one of Tom Cruise's most underrated gems and we're inviting you to come baptize your insides with the magical mixtures of alcohol...we might even have some flair filled cocktail making before the show!  So grab a drink, throw up your feet and prepare yourself for the story of a talented New York bartender who takes a job at a bar in Jamaica and falls hopelessly in love with a young and sexy as hell Elisabeth Shue.”—Greg MacLennan via
The Late Show: Escape from New York
Alamo Ritz 11:30pm
“Snake Plissken is the ULTIMATE Sci-Fi Badass. Why? Because he's played by ultimate real life Badass Kurt Russell, who was at the height of his effortlessly steely machismo when he teamed with ultimate filmmaking Badass John Carpenter for the first (and many say greatest) of several flawless collaborations. So if you love Big Trouble in Little China and The Thing - and you sure as hell do - this is the unshaven, post-apocalyptic blowtorcher that started it all! The year is 1997 A.D. Cold-blooded criminal Snake has 24 hours to enter the lawless, bloodthirsty prison island known as "Manhattan" and rescue the nation's president (Halloween's Donald Pleasance) from the clutches of a crazed gang leader played by the late, great Isaac Hayes! Along for the explosive destruction, mayhem and grit are HARRY DEAN STANTON, Lee Van Cleef and Ernest Borgnine. A beautiful '80s sci-fi masterpiece packed with testosterone-fueled violence and tough guy rage.”—
Saturday January 7th
Hugo w/A Trip to the Moon scored by Graham Reynolds
Alamo South Lamar (thru 1/8) 2:00pm
“For two shows only at South Lamar see Hugo 3D followed by Georges Méliès A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902) with live score composed and performed by Austin based composer-bandleader Graham Reynolds.”—
Texans Watch Party
Alamo South Lamar 3:30pm
“The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is the premiere spot for watching football in Austin. We feature the games on our movie screen with state of the art video projection. With the *possible* exception of live in the stadium, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is the best spot for the serious football fan. All eyes in the auditorium are focused on the movie screen, where the action on the field will be larger than life!”—
The Incredibly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret w/David Cross In Person
Alamo Ritz 9:00pm
“Comedy megastar David Cross (Arrested Development, Mr. Show) joins us in person to present a marathon of the entire first series of his hit IFC TV show The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret! The show follows the awkward misadventures of an American office temp and convenient liar named Todd Margaret (Cross), who bluffs his way into a senior sales position heading up the London office for the new energy drink Thunder Muscle. Todd's out-of-control farce reaches epic proportions when his character‘s gaffes and misfortunes wreak havoc on the city of London.”—
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Alamo Village 11:55pm
Thrill to all the cheap laughs, cheap women, and cheap production values of one of the world’s premier bad movies. Watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show in-and-of-itself is an event, but it takes on a whole new life when witnessed within the walls of The Alamo Village with loads of audience participation, dressed-up patrons, and general wickedness that has become a vital component to the film’s meteoritic rise to cult film legend. 
Alamo Survivor’s Tip: Without giving too much away, if you haven’t seen Hugo yet, you NEED to see it with the short film A Trip to the Moon immediately following it. You don’t know it yet, but once the credits roll, you’ll be aching to see the short. Thank me later.
Sunday January 8th
The Elvis Sing-Along
Alamo Ritz 6:30pm
“The Action Pack is bringing you one of the most iconic musicians of all time in a show filled with the bluesy, rockabilly riffs of the King himself, Elvis Presley. Sing and shake your hips along to the uptempo backbeats of Elvis' greatest songs, a repertoire that will rock your socks as you howl along to ‘Houndog,’ ‘Heartbreak Hotel,’ ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and all your other faves. We dug through concerts, music videos, archival footage and his best films to deliver the greatest sing-along to grace the Alamo screen. Don't be cruel, fool.”—Meredith Borders via
Zzang!!!: Road Warrior
Alamo Ritz 9:45pm
“THE BEST ACTION MOVIE OF ALL TIME!! Before Mel Gibson traded in his post-apocalyptic leatherwear for the flowing cotton robes of Jesus, he was The Toughest Hero in Movie History. Mad Max burned rubber across the scorched highways of the barren Earth, on the hunt for fuel and the blood of criminal marauders. Even in the Australian desert, some shotgun-wielding punk goon needs to be murdered every 30 seconds or so. Easy work for Max, until he runs up against post-nuke sh*tmaster Lord Humungus and his crew of feral mohawked wasteoids. Suddenly, the lone wolf of the wasteland finds himself defending the last outpost of untarnished humanity. What follows is inarguably the single greatest chase/fight/stunt explosion ever captured on film, with more car-flipping and stuntman-smashing than any 1000 American action blockbusters could dream of. Come witness the absolute ultimate in fallen world annihilation with The Road Warrior! Zzang!!!”—
Alamo Survivor’s Tip: The Alamo is giving the King of Rock-n-Roll the ultimate tribute and you’ll be all shook up if you miss it. Don’t be cruel to yourself, move those blue suede shoes as fast as they’ll take you to the Alamo Drafthouse.
Monday January 9th
BCS Championship
Alamo South Lamar, Alamo Lake Creek & Alamo Village 7:30pm
Music Monday: Control
Alamo Ritz 10:00pm
“Before there was Daft Punk, before there was Blink 182, and before there was any electro pop/punk music you've heard in the last thirty years, there was Joy Division, one of the most influential post-punk bands to come out of Factory Records. As their short success continued to rise, they were hit with a mondo tragedy: frontman Ian Curtis committed suicide. In 2007, Avant-garde auteur Anton Corbijn released a fictional biography (shot in black-and-white) on Curtis' life from 1973 to 1980, covering his personal struggles with marriage and infidelity, the rise of Joy Division, and his battle with epilepsy, which is an alleged contribution to his suicide in 1980. Control is one of the better fictional biographies about a musical legend.”—
The Big Lebowski Quote-Along
Alamo South Lamar 10:00pm
Tuesday January 10th
Hollywood B.S.: Armageddon
Alamo Ritz 7:00pm
“When an asteroid the size of Texas threatens to wipe out all life on Earth, only one thing can save us.  No, it's not scientists, NASA, or astronauts; it’s Bruce Willis packing nuclear weapons!  In the Michael Bay universe, where science, logic and plausibility are dirty words, the only requirements are bad writing, utter insanity and plenty of explosions. Join astronomer Andy Howell, a host of the TV show KNOWN UNIVERSE, and Copernicus on Ain't It Cool News, as he rips apart every ridiculous aspect of his most hated movie, Armageddon. He leads a discussion with a lynch mob of astrophysicists in town for the American Astronomical Society Meeting, many of whom are doing the very research on Earth-threatening asteroids butchered in the film.”—
Terror Tuesday: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
Alamo Ritz 10:45pm
“SPECIAL PRE-FRIDAY THE 13th CELEBRATION! Modern Earth is a thousand times shittier than ‘80s Earth. Conclusive evidence is everywhere, but Jason Voorhees stands as the most undeniable exhibit. The Real Jason we love is a towering, misshapen, unstoppable force of vengeance-fueled undead rage, while Fake Jason of Michael Bay’s 2009 Friday the 13th remake was a physically fit survivalist defending his weed stash. Whooops. So join us in disregarding the last 2.5 decades of Hollywood’s miserable failures, and come party hard with the genuine Machete Master. Note: the other attendees at this splatterbash aren’t your average horny teenage meat chunks; Crispin Glover, 12-year-old Corey Feldman and Last American Virgin star Lawrence Monoson all face off against Crystal Lake’s population controller. This installment is by far the darkest, meanest and most hump-hating of the series, and though the film’s title is an absolute goddamn lie, Real Jason’s bloodthirsty, murderous wrath is TRUUUUE!!!”—Zack Carlson via
Wednesday January 11th
Girlie Night: Sixteen Candles
Alamo Village 7:00pm
“I’m pretty sure that John Hughes is responsible for my survival of high school. Beneath the comic exaggerations and sweet romanticism, the ordinary geeks in his films all gave me the same life-changing advice: “Prepare for the worst, but don’t stop hoping for the best.” And no character exemplifies this wisdom better than Samantha Baker in Sixteen Candles. Whenever I had a particularly rough day in school, or an extremely awkward encounter with my unrequited crush, I always reminded myself that Samantha had it worse. Like, did a freshman guy ever try to dance with me while spastically yelling, “Very hot! Very hot!” Um, no. Did my entire family ever forget my birthday? No way! Did my grandmother ever feel me up? HECK NO. Samantha, on the other hand, endured all of that crap (and more!) and she STILL got to kiss the hottest senior over a tasty birthday cake in a super posh house. In celebration of those tiny (yet monumental) teenage triumphs over adversity and awkwardness, I invite you to join me for Girlie Night, where we’ll pass sex test notes, stare obsessively at Jake Ryan and toast to the wonderful legacy of John Hughes.”—Sarah Pitre via
Weird Wednesday: Switchblade Sisters
Alamo Ritz 9:45pm
“This is one of the all-time classic exploitation films, and probably director Jack Hill’s masterpiece. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect Girl Gang movie. All the elements - tone, pacing, performances - are dead-on. The revenge and betrayal-filled plot brings to mind the nastier Elizabethan dramas that were so popular with working class audiences of 400 years ago, who crammed into disreputable theaters to watch the blood drenched intrigues of kings and thieves. Some things never change. Hill combines the complicated plot effortlessly with the crisp, classical gangster movie tone of the old Warner Brothers James Cagney films and the directness and intensity of ‘70s drive-in cinema. The result is a perfect storm of red-hot teenage bad girls, flashing knives and social commentary. The three main leads are perfect - angelic Robbie Lee, cast against type as the tough leader of the Dagger Debs; Joanne Nail, who looks like Miss America but is the toughest Deb of all and Monica Gayle as the sexy one-eyed Iago Patch, who dines on the coldest plate of revenge imaginable at the end. Incredible.”—Lars Nilsen via
            Celebrity Guests: Jay & Silent Bob Watch A Movie
            1/6 7:30pm
“The dynamic duo from Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma & Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back are coming to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at West Oaks Mall. From vulgar to the verbose don’t miss this evening of shock & awe anecdotes, no apologies Q&A & brutally honest storytelling!!  The evening will begin with a special screening of the Jay and Silent Bob classic Mallrats, then Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will do a live taping of their podcast JAY AND SILENT BOB GET OLD!”—  
            Only at the Alamo: Anime
            1/10 7:30pm
The Alamo Drafthouse provides a welcome haven for fans of Japanese animation. Samurai swords must unfortunately be checked at the door.         
            Celebrity Guests: An Evening with Marvel Comics
            1/11 7:30pm
                “This January, Marvel Comics is unveiling its latest series: Scarlet Spider.
A clone of the original Spider-Man struggling to find his place in the world, Marvel Comics’ Scarlet Spider is moving to Houston in order to begin his own identity — free from the shadow of Peter Parker. Well, if there’s one thing they say about Texas, it’s that we have hospitality to spare. To celebrate Marvel’s new comic book series, we’re throwing a super hero-sized party in its honor. On Wednesday, January 11 the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will be hosting a Q&A panel with series’ creators Christopher Yost and Ryan Stegman. You’ll get a chance to have an intimate discussion with the team behind the new series and pick their brain about just how Scarlet Spider is going to swing around town without any skyscrapers to stick to.”—
            The Anchorman Quote-Along
            1/5 7:30pm
            80s Insanity: The Road Warrior
            1/7 7:00pm
            Big Screen Classics: Rear Window
            1/8 6:30pm
“Alfred Hitchcock's classic Rear Window has been enthralling audiences for almost sixty years thanks to indelible performances by Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly and riveting direction by one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. A thrilling foray into voyeurism, Rear Window is about professional photographer Jeff Jeffries (Stewart) who is wheelchair-bound after sustaining an injury on the job. Jeff is unused to sitting still for long and finds himself drawn into the world seen through his neighbors' windows as he recovers in his apartment. He begins to suspect that a neighbor may have murdered his wife and he lures his high society girlfriend (Kelly) into his amateur--and dangerous!--investigation.”—  
San Antonio
The Toxic Avenger
1/5 7:00pm; 10:15pm
“Tromaville has a monstrous new hero. The Toxic Avenger is born when naive and put-upon health club mop boy Melvin Junko falls into a vat of toxic waste. Now evildoers will have a lot to lose! One of the greatest Troma films by writer and director Lloyd Kaufman, The Toxic Avenger is a classic horror comedy that must be seen to be believed. If you've managed to go this long without catching this classic there's no time like the present. Free Admission! Also featuring Drafthouse ESB Specials and a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Mr. Troma himself, Lloyd Kaufman, when he invades the Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes on January 19th!”—
Girlie Night: Sixteen Candles
1/8 4:30pm; 7:15pm
Spurs Game
1/8 6:00pm
“Come see the San Antonio Spurs on the biggest Sony HD screen in town! Admission is free and all ages are welcome. Enjoy $3 domestic draft special and full at your seat service throughout the game!”—
Only at the Alamo: Anime
1/9 7:30pm
The Big Lebowski Quote-Along
            1/10 7:00pm
            Spurs Game
            1/10 7:00pm
            Flash Gordon
            1/5 7:00pm; 10:00pm
“A football player and his friends travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyrant, Ming the Merciless, to save Earth. Based on the wildly popular comic strip of the same name by Alex Raymond, Flash Gordon stars Sam J. Jones as the heroic Flash and Max von Sydow as the evil Emperor Ming. The madcap sci-fi adventure is one of the one hundred highest ratest science fiction films on Rotten Tomatoes. Filmed in an intentionally camp style, featuring an extra rad soundtrack entirely by Queen (!) and produced by film great Dino De Laurentiis, Flash Gordon is a total blast.”—
            Action Pack: Aliens
            1/9 7:00pm
“Before Avatar, before Titanic, before The Abyss, James Cameron made the sequel of all sequels: Aliens. A decades-long war has raged between fans of the series, a holy battle with one unanswerable question: Alien or Aliens? The fact that there's even a question of any sequel improving on Ridley Scott's stunning original speaks to the immense entertainment value of Aliens. Aliens is loud where Alien is quiet; Aliens is fast-paced where Alien is deliberate.Aliens has aliens where Alien has just the one. Aliens has explosions, firepower, cryogenic pods, space marines, Newt, Bishop, Paul Reiser, Michael Biehn at his Biehniest, an even more awesomely badass Ripley and a strangely iconic performance from Bill Paxton. Wait, did I mention the explosions? With an Action Pack joint, you know what that means! It means actual explosions in the theater. Game over, man. Game over.”—Meredith Borders via
            Last Words Premiere
            1/10 7:30pm
Scrooge meets Tombstone! Following the real life history of Bat Masterson and other western legends, Last Words weaves a tale somewhere between history and fable, proving that for every person, ‘The choices you make define your life.’ Director and actors live in attendence.”—
            80s Insanity: The Road Warrior
            1/11 7:00pm; 10:00pm
            Free Family Fun: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
            1/7 11:30am; 2:30pm
“One of the most beloved family films of all time, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is from the cherished children's book by Roald Dahl, who also wrote the screenplay! Sweet, good-hearted Charlie Bucket lives in a one-room shack with his large family and dreams of one day visiting the wonderful Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. After winning a golden ticket, Charlie and his Grandpa Joe tour the factory with fellow and far less deserving winners Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, Mike Teevee and Augustus Gloop. After meeting the eccentric recluse Willy Wonka, Charlie and Grandpa Joe embark on a wondrous and surprising adventure, where Charlie's pure spirit guides them to a very happy ending. A colorful, fantastical, fun-loving film for all ages, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a delicious confection to be enjoyed again and again.”—  
            1/6 (thru 1/7) 9:00pm
“In the '80s, it seemed as though Kenny Loggins contributed to every worthwhile film soundtrack that wasn't Purple Rain. In celebration of his 64th birthday, we are screening Caddyshack, one of the most classic comedies of all time--and it just so happens to feature four songs from the birthday boy. Caddyshack is an unparalleled triumph in the world of comedy, one of the most quotable films of all time and the feature film debut of Harold Ramis, who went on to direct Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day. Caddyshack introduces us to a pesky gopher, a golf bag that plays Journey songs, and most importantly, the comedic dream team of Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight and Bill Murray!”— 
            Footloose (1984)
            1/7 (thru 1/8) 3:20pm
“In the '80s, it seemed as though Kenny Loggins contributed to every worthwhile film soundtrack that wasn't Purple Rain. In celebration of his 64th birthday, we will be screening the original 1984 version of Footloose, a film with a memorable, classic title track written by Mr. Loggins himself. The Loggins-headlined soundtrack topped the Billboard charts for over two months! But in addition to some fully rocking tunes, Footloose features a young Kevin Bacon as the shaggy-haired symbol of pent up teenaged rebellion, playing chicken on tractors and angrily dance-fighting his way through a warehouse to delightful effect. Footloose also stars John Lithgow as a dance-oppressing minister, with co-starring turns from Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Penn and Dianne Wiest.”—
            The Elvis Sing-Along
            1/8 5:30pm
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