'After Earth' Round Up: Overcoming Fear, Interviews and Six Burning Questions

If it's the summer movie season, then Will Smith is likely to turn up somewhere. Sure enough the global superstar stars with son Jaden in M. Night Shyamalan's latest, After Earth. Reviews have been pretty harsh for the film, but if you're checking this movie out this weekend, here are some After Earth tidbits to supplement your cinematic adventure.

Will Smith on Overcoming Fear and Jaden Talks Working with Dad

We spoke to Will and Jaden about their new film and the Smiths opened up about overcoming fear, training for the film and how they're on screen dynamic has changed since The Pursuit of Happyness.

Scientology, Shyamalan and Smith: Answers to Six Burning Questions

In today's entertainment section, the L.A. Times answers six burning questions from the film including how much Will Smith is in the movie, will audiences recognize it as an M. Night Shyamalan film and are there really Scientology undertones in the film. Let's tackle that first question since the majority of footage we've seen from this film has been centered on Jaden Smith. We'll cut out the spoiler-y parts from the Times post.

"Cypher Raige (Will) and Kitai Raige (Jaden) are the only survivors of the accident, but Cypher has two broken legs. So Kitai must travel 100 kilometers to recover a homing device that will ensure their rescue. The elder Smith’s character is in constant contact with his son, but the movie is very much about Kitai’s journey; Cypher doesn’t even leave the spaceship while they are on Earth. Even though Will Smith is in the movie frequently, Jaden Smith is its star."

Click over for the rest of the burning questions, but be warned, some of the answers contain spoilers.


After Earth – The Mobile Game Experience

As with most blockbuster arriving in theaters, After Earth has a mobile game that you can play while you're waiting for the film to start. Take a look at the gameplay preview below.

If you like what you see, you can download the game on iTunes or Google Play. Also, After Earth has gone one step further and embraced it's survival storyline and opened up an online store where you can buy survival merchandise… like a $50 space pen.


Separating the Science and Fiction of After Earth

Predatory plants, chameleon suits, venomous leeches. How much of the fiction in After Earth is real? Discovery.com takes a look at these and other things you'll see in the movie and separates fact from fiction.


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