A Movie Fan Gives a Eulogy to 'Twilight,' and Is It the Best of the Saga?

This week sees the end of one of moviedom's most popular franchises ever: The Twilight Saga. In case you didn't know, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is now in theaters, and our sister site Movies.com has it more than covered. Check out A Movie Fan's Eulogy to 'Twilight' and find out when you can watch it with your kids; debate who's the tougher heroine, Bella or Katniss; and lots more.

The site's notoriously finicky critic Dave White agrees with other resounding statements around da interwebs...BD Part 2 is indeed the best of the entire saga. Read his review, and let him know if you agree.

Of course, BD Part 2 wasn't the only movie to open this week--there was also Daniel Day-Lewis's Oscar-baiting performance in Lincoln. Here, 10 other historical figures who deserve their own biopic.

Were you wondering the same things we did about Skyfall? If you've seen it, weigh in. If you haven't, beware of some spoilers in 8 Unanswered Questions We Had About 'Skyfall.'

And finally, as we learned that Quentin Tarantino may retire early, debate the question: Is it a good idea for great filmmakers to quit while they're ahead?

That's just the tip of the iceberg, so make sure you hit up Movies.com for more geeking out on all things movies.

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