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6 Mondo Mystery Movies in Los Angeles & Tix for MMM IX!

This past weekend, the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles was the host to 6 Mondo Mystery Movies. Mondo is the collectible art boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. The Mondo Mystery Movie is a screening series where attendees blind purchase a ticket & a poster and the film/poster are unveiled once at the event. The first Alamo Drafthouse/Mondo series included Akira & Jurassic Park, which were the fastest advance sellouts in Alamo history. We have all 6 of the posters that were unveiled at the Los Angeles screenings below, some with variants. (Click on any of them to see a bigger image.)

The next Mondo Mystery Movie IX will take place in Austin on 10/29. The Alamo Drafthouse & Mondo are putting together what promises to be the most epic event they've done yet (no hyperbole, it's going to be amazing!!) Tickets go on sale at 2pm CST today, Monday, 10/10. It's the last Mondo Mystery Movie in Austin, TX for 2011! Don't miss it!

'28 Days Later' Regular Poster'28 Days later' Variant Poster

Poster by Charlie Adlard of "The Walking Dead" fame with title treatment by Jon Smith

'Hellraiser' Regular Poster'Hellraiser' Variant Poster
Poster by Florian Bertmer
'The Iron Giant' Regular Poster'The Iron Giant' Variant Poster
Poster by Kevin Tong
'Assault on Precinct 13' Variant Poster
Poster by Tyler Stout
'The City of Lost Children' Regular Poster'The City of Lost Children' Variant Poster
Poster by Ken Taylor
'The Mist' Regular Poster
Poster by Daniel Danger
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