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5 Favorite Movie Families

We love seeing movies about families as a family! Here’s a list of our five favorite movie families:


1. The Parrs from The Incredibles
I like the Parrs because I feel that in so many ways their family resembles my own. You have the father whose power is superstrength and invulnerability; the mother who can stretch, bend and twist more than a common rubber band; the preteen daughter who can become invisible and use force fields (similar to my daughter, though I won’t elaborate on the use of her force fields; the older son, who is superfast (portraying the need of most boys — speed!); and with the baby, you’re left to wonder what superpowers he really has. It’s just like real life. Real babies are little bundles of joy with unrealized potential. But the main reason the Parrs shine above the rest is that they displayed one of the best things about being a family — working together in the midst of any crisis in order to be victorious.

2. The Griswolds from the National Lampoon’s Vacation series
The Griswolds provide hours of comedic therapy. It’s as simple as that. Anytime I need a good laugh, the National Lampoon’s Vacation series is sure to do the trick! I don’t think any other explanation is needed for this one.

3. The Weasleys from the Harry Potter series
A family of six boys and one girl, the Weasleys surely had their hands full. But with a kindness shown to pretty much everyone, Arthur and Molly Weasley always made it known that friends of the family were welcome in their home. When Harry befriended their son, the Weasleys became a second family to him. A family of little income, they worked hard and always made the best of what they had. Even though they were pure bloods (wizards and witches who have a magical heritage), they never discriminated against any other group, race or heritage, especially Muggles (a person who is born into a nonmagical family and is incapable of magic). They fought for the good in people and gave up so much in their own lives to make sure that their family and friends were safe and loved.

4. The McCallisters from Home Alone
Speaking of a large family, the McCallister family was huge. Yes, that McCallister family. The McCallisters from one of the highest grossing comedies of all time. Home Alone is the story of a young boy named Kevin who is accidentally left behind when the entire McCallister clan sets out on a Christmas vacation to Paris. The reason the McCallisters are one of my favorite movie families is the love displayed between a mother and her son as she fights desperately to get home to him. This movie is part of our yearly Christmastime movie-watching ritual and we look forward to the chaos of the McCallisters every year.

5. The Szalinskis from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
I have watched Honey, I Shrunk the Kids more times than I can remember, and I love it because Wayne Szalinski reminds me so much of my own father, only my father never shrunk (or blew up) his children. My dad, like Wayne, is the brainy type: Inventive and smart... and when he has his mind set on something, he works until he makes it happen.

There are many memorable movie families and these are just a sampling of some current and not so current favorites. Which movie family is your favorite?

Crystal writes at Simply Being Mommy about life in Texas, being a mom of three, family travel, surrogacy, and more. To read more by Crystal, visit or follow her on Twitter @SimplyBeingMom.

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