3D Justin Bieber Movie Loses Director

Perhaps director Davis Guggenheim realized that he probably wouldn’t be winning any Oscars for helming a Justin Bieber biopic in 3D because only 24 hours after it was announced that he’d be the one guiding this mixed bag of Bieber awesomeness, Deadline reports that the guy has unfortunately backed out. The “on the record” reason why Guggenheim backed out was because he was concerned about having scheduling conflicts with regards to the promotional campaign for his new documentary Waiting for Superman.

Justin Bieber

Of course, others have suggested that Guggenheim backed out after his colleagues made him realize that directing a 3D Justin Bieber movie might not be the right next step in his career. Nothing against Justin Bieber or the 3D Justin Bieber Movie – I’m sure it’ll make boatloads of money – but I do think there are directors more fitting for such a thing. Guggenheim is known for his somewhat explosive, eye-opening documentaries (like An Inconvenient Truth), but there are others – like Kenny Ortega, for example (who just directed Michael Jackson’s This Is It) who are more capable of delivering the level of Bieber required to satisfy his fans.
Will they find the right person? I’m positive they will; there are probably tons of middle-of-the-road directors who would love a shot at helming something this buzzy. So don’t freak out Bieb-hards, the dude will make it to the screen eventually. Consider this a hiccup … we hope.
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