18 Nuggets of Advice and Inspiration from This Year's Summer Movies

Sad that the summer movie season is almost over? Let's take a look back at all the nuggets of advice and inspiration the past four months have offered us.

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1. Furious 6 reminded us about the importance of family.

2. The Conjuring warned us about looking in mirrors.

3. Just because it has a double negative doesn't mean it's not right.

4. Ask and you shall receive. And sometimes, you shall receive (a bullet in the back) without even asking.

5. Leave it to the bad guy to teach us about patience.

6. Damn it man, failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

7. This is why you take pictures.

8. The Colonel reminds us not to take things so seriously... unless we're talking about gun violence. Then take that very seriously (after you've cashed your paycheck).

9. This is why the third act of Man of Steel goes on forever.

10. Also, perserverance favors the cautious. Dude.

11. And if you're brave, fortune will favor you. 

12. Too bad you can't stick around to reap the benefits.

13. Especially when Helen Mirren has you in her sights.

14. He's only huuuuman, flesh and blood, a man...

15. Having the mutant ability to heal quickly helps.

16. Sage advice for taking on eight-legged insects and your computer when it freezes.

17. This was pretty much the film's motto before it opened it theaters.

18. Summer movies even taught us about religion. You'll never look at Neapolitan ice cream the same way.



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