Mountain Men Synopsis
When estranged brothers Toph (Tyler Labine) and Cooper (Chace Crawford) head to a remote family cabin in the freezing Rocky Mountains to bond, buried resentment and bruised egos quickly derail their plan.
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Movie Reviews

A feel-good film!

By AidenPFierce
Director Camerone Labine’s latest dramedy, Mountain Men, did not disappoint in the laughs department, but Labine also did an excellent job pulling at the viewers’ heartstrings. The dialogue was...

An adventure that will leave you wanting more!

By volleygirl440
Mountain Men was an adventure that had me laughing and unsure of what was going to happen next. After their father’s death, two distant brothers become stranded in the wilderness after a fire leaves...

More than meets the eye

By laurenmariev93
This was a great and unique take on a coming of age/dramedy film. I liked the dichotomy between the characters, the (seemingly) successful younger brother and the older brother who stayed at home and...

Thoroughly Enjoyed

By jcrowe181
The ups and downs of this film only make it that much more exciting! From the start you can see clear distinctions between pot dealer/DJ Topher and his brother Cooper, a city boy with some slightly...

Loved it!

By rachelhaas23
Mountain Men is one of the funniest survival films I’ve seen to date! Tyler Labine, as Toph, and Chace Crawford, as Cooper, make a wonderful comedy duo. A surprising, in the best way possible, mix....

Great Film

By ariellecohentorchlig
I really enjoyed this film. Mountain Men was a very good watch about two estranged brothers who have to work together to survive a particularly cold night after they get stranded in the snowy...

Great film

By szunjictorchlight
I loved Mountain Men for its fresh take on the coming-of-age genre. The film follows two estranged brothers (Chace Crawford and Tyler Labine) as they journey to their remote family cabin in the...

Funny & Heartfelt

By AliGood
Funny, brother comedy that turns more serious as stakes heighten. Some great scenes in the wilderness. Story gets deeper and more intense as it progresses. Surprising turns in this movie. Both lead...