Till My Dying Day

By dlwilie
Written March 18, 2008
This will always be one of my favorite films of all time. If, for nothing else, it's imagray of how beautiful love can be and how painfull lose is. In my opinion, Ewans best film. You are probably reading this cause A. you like the film and you are curious what other people think. Or b. the movie is having a showing at you theatre. DO NOT MISS THIS FILM ON THE BIG SCREEN. You will be taken into a musical word that leaves you humming soungs about LOVE! Baz & Craig did such an amazing job on this film that I never get bored of it. I always find something in it eachtime that shows me once again hoe beautiful this film is.
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Makes you want to jump up and dance and sing.

By TheLovelyDreams
Written March 08, 2012
The songs are incredibly addictive, I couldn't help but buy the album. The story is somewhat like Romeo and Juliet but has a little modern touch. The cast was brilliantly chosen and the movie is fun and wonderful to watch. I am a hopeless romantic, so this was my cup of tea.
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oh me, oh my

By Mack_TonyaMovieBuddies
Written December 09, 2007
this is a beautiful movie! you must see it!!
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By deano.marino
Written December 29, 2012
This is one movie everyone needs to see! It's bold, beautiful, and daring. Not many movies take risks nowadays, but this one holds no boundaries. My favorite movie of all time.
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Moulin Rouge

By jwelch5742
Written June 24, 2012
It was great film. This had great art direction and costume design.
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