Mother of George Synopsis
Adenike struggles with her culture and life in the United States.
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Mother of George

By savannahone
Goood movie, but I didn't understand the ending. Blurry photo technique took away from the story....

Very good to excellent

By thepawn
Cinematography was complex, excellent --lush and drab in deliberate contrast; appropriately dark. The brilliance of African fabrics and costumes in Brooklyn, and in small dark rooms. The movie was...

Mother of George

By suneetaolympio
This movie is simply beautiful. The cinematography is breathtaking and the styling is equally as stunning. The narrative is touching even though there is very little dialogue. Andrew Dosunmu...

Absolutely Amazing!

By missmiab
I cannot say enough about how well done this movie was. Everything from the acting, to the colors, to the cinematography was stunning. The movie was well written, educational and moving. I also love...


By goldenfelice
Heart-wrenching story (no details, anything would be a spoiler!) that bridges the gap between modern and traditional cultures. Gorgeous cinematography and fabulous acting. There are a few times when...

beautiful and powerful

By evies
This movie is as gorgeous to look at as it is impossible to look away from. The characters will make you care about them, make you wonder what you would do in their shoes. Their dilemmas are...

So beautiful

By lowusu
Please go see....

Beautiful and complex!

By whosaidso8

Brutal animal cruelty! Movie drags on forever

By avoukitchevitch

Mother of George

By cuponcutter
shot beautifully, the cinematography was beautiful. the beautiful dark skin tones that are reflected. I can't say enough good things about this film...

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Rated NR | For A Disturbing Image, Some Language and Sexuality