By acadthea15
Written November 18, 2010
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Morning Glory; really fun but just okay.

By checarlos
Written November 15, 2010
Loved the cast and energy of this movie, but its not more than just a silly formulaic romantic comedy. Its worth seeing if you want to laugh and be entertained but won't change your life.
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Should NOT be rated PG13

By majsonlight
Written November 13, 2010
we found the start of the show with the use of cursing offensive and then the cursing escalated to the use of the F word over and over even more disturbing. The use of the language was not needed for this to be a good movie nor the scenes of the scantily clad lady. This movie in no way should be seen by any one 13 yrs. old. My wife and I were also offended by the use of our Lords name over and over, we got up and left before the movie was half way through. It was a waste of 15.oo.
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

By suemarie
Written November 10, 2010
Rachel M. plays a harried producer of a morning news program at station IBS. She is very tightly wound, making for a fast paced movie that kind of takes your breath away. The cast is really good. Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford are believable as costars on the early morning news show.It's a little predictable, but watchable throughout. Kids will not be able to sit through the movie.
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Good movie!

By ctrygrammar01
Written July 29, 2015
The movie was funny, quirky, and entertaining! It was predictable, but who cares? It was good for my husband and I to get out without our daughter. We laughed and found it to be a good movie overall. A lot of people in the theatre were adults over 50 (we and one other couple were the youngest) and everyone seemed to enjoy.
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