So cute and funny!

By cluccio1027
Written November 18, 2010
I knew I'd love this movie because of it's combo of celebs, but it exceeded my expectations. It had so many funny lines that had the entire theater of guys and girls laughing out loud. Rachel's character and what she does with the show are very inspiring, and Rachel's love interest is super cute (could have done with more of him). Overall, great movie.
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Five Word Review

By milagrace1
Written November 12, 2010
incredibly hilarious and wonderfullly entertaining
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Surprisingly Entertaining

By ctlemmey
Written November 27, 2010
I went with my 13 yr old daughter to see this (her choice) and I was expecting a very stereotypical, predictable movie. I was right on it being predictable but it was surprisingly funny. The premise is this ambitious tv producer is fired from her first job where she has lots of friends and is given 6 weeks to turn around this dismal tv morning show at another network before they cancel the show. I liked Rachel McAdams as the lead. She had an amazing amount of energy and I left feeling like I would never want her producer's job! She lived and breathed this job. Diane Keaton was great while Harrison Ford was too monotone. He felt that this job was beneath him but it grew old real fast. The poor weather man was funny as the guinea pig, riding a wild roller coaster and doing other crazy things for the sake of ratings. Overall it was light entertainment. Finally a PG-13 movie that wasn't filled with sex or sexual innuendo. There's cursing but it's fine for early teens.
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Pleasantly Surprised

By sirbosk1
Written November 12, 2010
The reviews on this comedy were not good but I like some of the cast so I thought it was something to do. I was very plesantly surprised. Lately what passes for comedy isn't funny. This movie had me laughing out loud, several times. Belly laughs! It's not great art but it's worth the price of a ticket for the 2 hours or so of entertainment.
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Light-hearted Comedy about the death of Broadcast News & its Water-downed Replacement

By critcallyme
Written November 13, 2010
I found the movie to be funny & different from recent comedies. Rachel McAdams is great. She is a live-wire, a constant cheerleader throughout & the awkwardness of her character is endearing. It is about Becky (McAdams) who is let go from her job as a TV Producer who then takes a job on a monring show that is on its last leg before it is cut from the air. In her efforts to save the show from cancellation she has the weatherman do all kinds of funny stuff on camera such as riding a roller coaster that you can not help but laugh at. She fires the co-anchor on her first day & replaces him with her hero (Harrison Ford) who happens to be on contract with the network. He is not at all to happy about this as he see the show beneath him as it is not 'real news'. However, if he turns it down the network will no longer have to pay the remainder of his contract. He is cranky & mean but by the end his hard exterior begins to crack & McAdams character wins him over. No awards - but funny.
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