• Released
  • September 2, 2016
  • (Limited)
  • R , 1 hr 32 min
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Morgan Synopsis
Scientists at a secret facility find themselves in a lockdown with a violent bioengineered child.
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Movie Reviews

Great all around!

By charbar517
Great acting! Great story! Everything about it was great! Definitely gets you thinking and wondering if we aren't too far away from this being a reality....

"Anya Taylor", Awsome!

By greggouw
This brilliant young actress does it so well. and the rest of the cast is fabulous also. The story starts a little slower than the trailers led me to believe but it develops very quickly after the...

This movie does not have Morgan Freeman

By tappocity
My wife and I were really looking forward to watching a documentary on the liberal atheist Morgan Freeman, however this movie although titled Morgan is not a documentary on Morgan Freeman. Beyond the...

I love Morgan

By nicolelovesmusic1
I loved this movie. I didn't think it was predictable. And such action! I loved every second and didn't think it was boring. Great cast and the girl who played Morgan...


By tetrisblw
Thought it would be better, expected some type of back story. Too violent, just boring. Wouldn't suggest it to anyone...

Good Sci Fi - Good Pacing

By criteria
While some will highlight similarities with Ex Machina this story has a few features that that story doesn't. The location shots are really good and the sets are interesting. So much start power it...

Pretty Good!

By chadjmanos
Seeing all the negative reviews, you'd think people expected this movie to wins oscars ... this movie is pretty good, certainly worth a matinee price at the very least. Good story, great twists, and...


By Cocoinfo
If you like an occasional Sci-FI, deep woods cinema (think NW) and are suspicious of GMOs in the long run then you'll dig this flick. Very well done. Excellent. Anya's philtrum alone is worth the...

Well done

By jchiodo873
For bad reviews idk if your not into ridley Scott movies then it may not be for you. If you like sci-fi check it out, it starts well and finishes cleanly....

I don't like 'horror', but I liked this...

By brian512
I only saw the label genre 'horror' on my AppleTV trailers after I had seen 'Morgan.' I would label it more in the vein of a psychological thriller or even science fiction. While there is some...

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Rated R | For Some Language and Brutal Violence
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Common Sense Media says Brutal, bloody sci-fi thriller about an artificial being.
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