Quite dull and sorta weird

By elainebrazele
Written August 29, 2014
I have seen and enjoyed my fair share of quirky movies. I was very excited to see this one- I love Frances McDormand and the commercials made it look light hearted, fun, and clever. I found myself constantly wondering when something-anything- of interest or amusement would happen. I must have checked my watch about 5 times. There are a handful of funny moments, but nothing I would call touching, moving, or even truly engaging about this movie. It wasn't truly bad- just slow and boring- even for someone like me who enjoys slower paced, subtle movies. Maybe I just expected too much. I would recommend waiting for the dvd/netflix.
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Moonrise Kingdom

By oneetohic
Written July 08, 2012
Cute if you are a kid. Silly plot...and no...Bruce Willis and Bill Murray were not at their best, despite what the advertisement wants you to believe.
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Cute on movie to see about a tween boy

By sbucksbaum
Written August 01, 2014
Movie for young teens to watch about a boy who does not fit in. Bit of a farce on the Boy Scouts. NOTE: On the Boy Scouts, they broke "every rule in the book". It is not about Boy Scouts, it is about a tween boy.
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Light fare

By roostertom
Written July 07, 2012
This critical "darling" has some fun performances but suffers from slow pacing and an overall sense of it's own importance. Based on all the rave reviews I expected more but was ultimately disappointed. "Moonrise Kingdom" dares the audience *not* to like it...as if to do so would say more about the viewer's lack of artistic taste and less about the fact that the movie isn't very good.
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Return to the right direction for Wes Anderson...

By TGCarlini
Written June 24, 2012
Since RUSHMORE I've been less and less in love with Wes' flicks... love looking AT all of them... but from TENNENBAUMS thru AQUATIC and to DARJEELING each film offered slightly less BEYOND the look of the movie. MOONRISE KINGDOM (which for some reason I kept calling MONSOON KINGDOM-- which kinda fit even after seeing the movie) does still have the look I love in Anderson's films... but brings some heart back to the story. So, for my money, we're back in TENNENBAUMS country... not quite RUSHMORE, but a very good movie!! (And, as I've said, I was losing hope by degrees, so this made me very happy.) Do see it and enjoy the craft and the story, too! Mike C
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