MOON - shines bright! Rating: 92 out of 100. (Based on recent preview)

Written July 27, 2009
Recently, I was fortunate to attend the free preview of this WONDERFUL 97-minute movie by director/screenwriter Duncan Jones(son of David Bowie) in his directorial debut. MOON stars the talented Sam Rockwell who turned in a captivating and strong performance while carrying the movie practically on his own. MOON is testimony that Hollywood DOES NOT need to rely on heavy CGI and loud music/sounds to create a above-average movie. Devoid of all those distractions - the audience was treated to fine acting and a mesmerizing well-written plot. Major themes: solitude, loneliness, psychological health, life/mortality, trust/betrayal, etc. While MOON is not a 'Hollywood Blockbuster' - this movie will find a appreciative audience. VERDICT: GO SEE IT! MOON is one of the better sci-fi movies in recent memory.
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scrollerdust, you dumbass

By Honesty1
Written August 03, 2009
Why in the world would you put a spoiler out there about the movie? You are the biggest jackass.
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By BJDallas
Written July 05, 2009
This is a movie that grows on you. I walked out wondering how this movie got such high ratings as it wasn't what I was expecting....No action, no great visuals. I was somewhat let down but it still did not stop me from enjoying the movie. The acting was great and the plot makes you think about life and the future. I enjoy it more today than when I walked out. Worth seeing.
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If David Bowies ode to space was a song its only fitting his son would provide some visual aides

By matttalbot71
Written July 09, 2009
Moon was a different, albeit, good movie. Moon is not a movie centered solely around how many CGI special effects you can fit, but more a dramatic character study. It is refreshing to see that a science fiction movie can have some substance. Sam Rockwell is brilliant and does double duty in this movie as well as Jeremy Irons did in Dead Ringers. Kevin Spacey is a nice addition to the movie and the interaction between Rockwell and Spacey is comical at times as well as heart breaking. The stage and visual backgrounds are amazing. Moon is not for everyone, the story line is deeply rooted in science fiction, and while the story is easy to follow it is at the same time very cerebral. Definately worth checking out if you enjoy dramatic movies or science fiction.
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awesome movie

By giozz21
Written July 10, 2009
i decided to go watch this movie because of the trailers i caught here and there online and at theaters, and i was honestly blown away. The movie is a great throwback to the good ol' sci-fi genre that has been missing on the silver screen since maybe 2001: A Space Odyssey. Great movie, i highly suggest it.
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